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Unique Online Video Course Teaches You How To Mix With Acapella Vocals Fast & Painlessly…

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Ever wondered how top DJs do some of those amazing acapella mixes? This video course shows you the secrets of adding acapella mixing to your own DJing.

Every smart digital DJ understands the power of being able to mix acapellas – vocal-only tracks – into their DJ sets. Whether your ultimate aim is to get better paid gigs, add a new DJing skill to your repertoire, make your mixes stand out from the crowd, or just to have more fun with your DJing, you need this essential skill.

So now’s the time for you to take our brand new online video course, the Acapella Mixing Masterclass. Presented by Digital DJ Tips founder Phil Morse with senior tutor (and the guy behind our bestselling Scratching For Controller DJs course) Steve Canueto, it takes you step by step from complete beginner to being able to perform live DJ remixes, mashups and more using acapellas, with clear demonstrations that you can follow along with.

Exactly what you need to unlock the secrets of the pro DJs

Just like our thousands-selling How To Digital DJ Fast course, the Acapella Mixing Masterclass is designed to show you clearly and practically exactly what you need to know to do this stuff in front of an audience – fast.

If you’ve struggled or given up on learning acapella mixing, we’re going to take you by the hand and show you not only that it’s possible for you to do it, but that you can do this quickly and painlessly – while having a massive amount of fun along the way too!

A DJs testimonial…

Brandon“What an amazing course! I really love that I can reference the videos anytime I need to and you guys do a great job in keeping it simple and to the point. With your help and guidance, I am now landing bigger gigs as my mixing is getting smoother plus it has given me the confidence to experiment with acapellas live – the crowds love it!”

– DJNV, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Why the Acapella Mixing Masterclass is unique

We all know that learning the really big DJ skills can be hard, and also how frustrating it can be trying to learn from much of the so-called DJ training out there. Ego-driven, poor quality, confusing, patchy – it’s no wonder so many people give up when trying to learn from some of these “courses”. We get it!

The Acapella Mixing Masterclass doesn’t bog you down in technical detail, or try and teach you reams and reams of musical theory, or assume you’re using a full pro DJ set-up, or talk to you like you’ve been DJing professionally for the last 25 years, or be a vehicle for the “tutors” to endlessly show off how great they are at doing this. Instead, we’ve taken the style of teaching we’ve used in previous video courses, and applied it to the traditionally difficult subject of teaching DJs to use acapellas. It’s never been done like this before, and we’re sure you’ll love the results.

Our video training courses have helped almost 50,000 DJs over the last four years to ditch all the unnecessary stuff and get right to what counts: Nailing the skills and getting in front of real audiences, where the genuine learning happens. Literally thousands of DJs have had their first taste of playing in public thanks to Digital DJ Tips training – and the Acapella Mixing Masterclass teaches this major new skill set in exactly the same way.

A DJs testimonial…

Rob“Thanks so much for this course guys! Since I started DJing, I’ve always wanted to use acapellas but I had no idea of where to begin. Your classes made it easy to both get my head around the technical side but also fired up my creative juices to get great acapella mix and mash up ideas. I appreciate it!”

DJ Rob Gregerson (Seattle Music Solutions), Seatlle, WA, USA

How the course works

The Acapella Mixing Masterclass is an online video course delivered to you entirely in your web browser, on your tablet or smartphone, at a pace that suits you. Once you buy you get instant access to all the videos on a special website that you can access anywhere, at any time, for life.

Designed for all digital DJs whatever software you’re using, and for all levels from beginner to pro, the course is filmed in full-screen high-definition, and comprises studio footage, screencasts, close-up controller angles, and DJ software waveform clips, to reveal the secrets of acapella mixing. As well as the videos, the easy-to-navigate course contains summaries, free beat loops, plus a downloadable quickstart guide with supporting material. It’s all you need to learn to DJ using acapellas – for just one single payment.

The course can be yours for an amazing one-off payment of just $197, backed with our famous full 12-month money-back guarantee. So really, what are you waiting for? Click here now to buy immediately.

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A DJs testimonial…

Brooklyn“This is a really helpful course and I refer to it often. What I enjoyed most is the delivery of the information because it’s inclusive to all skill levels whatever equipment you’re using and I have finally got a grasp on the mystery of mixing acapellas! In short, totally worth the money and time spent and I’d definitely recommend it!”

DJ Big Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, USA

How you’ll benefit by taking the Acapella Mixing Masterclass

Time to say goodbye to flailing around in the dark, getting nowhere with acapella mixing. Give frustration the boot and learn everything you need to know to start using acapellas confidently instead! This course will show you how to:

  • Keep your acapella mixing as tight and professional as any studio-produced remix or mashup – With simple rules and the ability to count to four (you can count to four, can’t you? ;)) we’ll show you how to tightly mix acapellas for results just like the pros – and, of course, a world apart from lame, out of key, out of time acapella “mixes” performed by countless lesser DJs
  • Confidently match acapellas to backing tracks as if they were made to be there all along – We’ve demystified song structure and “key mixing” right down to exactly what you need to know to pull off properly fitting, harmonically matched acapella mixes again and again
  • Amaze your audiences with advanced tricks that move way beyond just dropping a vocal over a backing track – You’ll learn how to use FX, loops, “loop shifting”, cue points, extra decks and more to take your acapella mixing to the next level and to perform pro tricks like mashups, drastic tempo shifts, genre changes, and even full-on live vocal remixing
  • Know exactly where and how to use acapellas in your DJing – We explain the dos and don’ts of acapella use in DJing, show you how the pros use them (and when they don’t), and how to get your acapella mixing noticed by your crowds – for all the right reasons, of course
  • Take advantage of the massive changes digital has brought to acapella mixing – From keylock to beatgridding, online acapella banks and download pools to loops, FX and multiple decks, digital has revolutionised acapella mixing – and you’ll learn all the tricks to take 100% advantage of this massive shift
  • Pack your collection with the most sought-after acapellas – You’ll learn how to find acapellas faster, how to know which acapellas to choose (and how to avoid some of the pitfalls), plus exactly where to look for acapellas online, both free and paid for. Includes suggestions for “must have” acapellas, including a “top ten” list of absolute greats…
  • Quickly and efficiently prepare acapellas for instant use in your DJing – No more endless attempts to wrestle difficult acapellas into some kind of usable shape. We’ll show you the best ways to prepare, analyse, BPM, beatgrid and add cuepoints to acapellas in all major DJ software, so your software (and you!) can use them just as you would any other track – no special care required!
  • Deal with “problem” acapellas – No acapella need be a problem any more; we’ll show you how to use the original song, special online BPM databases, digital music stores, and even finger-tapping to work out the BPM of acapellas that your software struggles with, making even these “difficult cases” just as easy to DJ with as all the others

As you can see, we really have covered every base, from finding your first acapella to perfecting live DJ “mashups”. Ever experimented blindly with an acapella to try and make it work? Heard a great potential acapella mix in your head and tried but failed to recreate it? Listened to a pro DJ perform a tight acapella mix and wondered “how did he do that?!” Or just lay in bed at night wondering if you’ll ever work out what it is other DJs know that you don’t about acapellas? Yes? Then the Acapella Mixing Masterclass is waiting to show you all of this and much more!

Just think… You could be learning these skills within minutes and be mixing acapellas like a pro and creating your own unique mash-up combinations by this time next week if you take action and buy the course right now! Click here now for instant, lifetime access.

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A DJs testimonial…

Rob“Thanks to the ‘How To Digital DJ Fast’ course and then the ‘Acapella Mixing Masterclass’ course my life has turned full on DIGITAL :-). It’s given me so much confidence I have gone from doing this for fun to playing in a local bar in my home town in a matter of months. Both courses were top quality material and the fact that I can go back to them at any time is priceless. Keep up the good work!”

– Paul Siddall, Sheffield, UK

What’s in the course: Video-by-video through the material

There are many hours of video, but don’t worry – it’s all broken down logically, into bite-sized chunks that you can go away and practise after watching. Here’s what to expect on the other side:

  1. Introduction to the course – You’ll learn about our unique method, that takes no shortcuts yet uses all the advantages of digital – and you’ll learn one cast-iron reason why as a digital DJ, this is something you really have to do…
  2. What acapellas are – Why they exist, where they come from, how they get into public, and all the different types of acapellas that are out there. This is your thorough grounding in what DJs mean when they speak of “acapellas”
  3. Where & why acapellas are used – How DJs use acapellas to make their sets more unique, the different things they use them for, and an overview of the legalities of using acapellas in your own DJ sets
  4. Introduction to finding acapellas – You’ll learn what’s changed since DJs scoured underground record stores for acapellas, and how this works in your favour. We’ll give you some “ninja tricks” for using search engines in order to give yourself an unfair advantage over other DJs…
  5. How to find acapellas in online stores – We look closely at how to find the acapellas you want in these places – and reveal tricks for uncovering those gems that others are almost definitely overlooking
  6. How to find the gold in acapella sites and digital download pools – A detailed look at sone top acapella sites, some alternative ways of finding acapellas away from the commercial stores, and a discussion of two of the most useful digital download pools
  7. Introduction to preparing acapellas – Why it makes great sense to BPM and beatgrid your acapellas using the powerful features on your DJ software to shortcut so much of the guesswork. Plus the (very simple, once you know them) things you need to understand in order to master these techniques
  8. How to check the BPM of an acapella in your DJ software – You’ll learn about BPMing and beatgridding acapellas, and you’ll also meet one of your course bonuses – some “acapella-friendly” beats to help you learn the skills
  9. Using the original track to find an acapella’s BPM – You’ll learn how to “transfer” the BPM from the original track to your acapella, no matter what DJ software you’re using
  10. How to find the BPM of a track by “tapping” – You can tap your foot or finger along to the beat, right? Then you can BPM an acapella, no sweat – even if your software can’t. Here you’ll learn how to do it
  11. Preparing an acapella that has no underlying rhythm – Want to use “spoken word” acapellas (famous speeches, film excerpts and so on) that were never over music in the first place? Here’s the different approach needed to prepare these for playing in your DJ sets
  12. Introduction to basic skills – Conquering performance issues, volume and EQ best practice, and the crucial skill of being able to “count in” the vocal and drop it in exactly the right place – however it starts
  13. The manual method of mixing acapellas – You’ll learn how it used to be done, but also how even when you totally disengage all sync functions, digital still has lots of help to offer to ensure your acapella mixes are likely to sound great
  14. The sync method of mixing acapellas – Thanks to what you learned about BPMs and beatgridding, you can use sync to drop your acapellas perfectly – we show you exactly how to do it, and what you need to be aware of to get 100% perfect results every time
  15. Introduction to advanced skills – You’re now at the point where it’s time to take the trainer wheels off, and we show you how to start experimenting with your own ideas – and why a thorough understanding of structure and key is so important
  16. Track and acapella structure I – Not got any idea about bars and measures? Don’t worry – with our failsafe method, you’ll soon be competently analysing the structures of your tracks and acapellas, and expertly spotting possible “tight fits” that’ll make the most of both components
  17. Track and acapella structure II – Rules are made to be broken, and often music producers break from the structure rules. In this video, we look at a couple of the common ways this is done – and how you can ride these changes, as long as you’re aware what’s going on.
  18. Track and acapella key I – A clear lesson in what you need to know about key in order to mix acapellas harmonically. This is not a lesson in key theory or musical harmony, and you don’t need to be musically trained to understand this stuff – it’s all related directly to using acapellas
  19. Track and acapella key II Here’s where we discover the one digital trick that unlocks all the others when it comes to key mixing. Plus, we look at advanced key controls in certain DJ software to help you take this even further
  20. The guiding principles of successful mashups – How to ensure your own mashups and remixes really hit the mark with your audiences

This is just the core training: There are 17 further videos to show you specific tricks, as you’re about to find out…

A DJs testimonial…

JakeThis course is brilliant! I’d say the most useful aspect was where to find acapellas, I’d been struggling for a while but with the tuition from you guys I’ve found some hidden gems which I’ve used with amazing results! It’s very thorough and has tons of detail. I would definitely recommend it to any DJs out there, from beginners to pro to give you the inspiration, skills and confidence to drop acapellas in your sets.”

– DJ Conall Welsh, London, UK

Look! Valuable bonuses that you’ll come back to again and again

When we were designing the course, we wanted to include some extra-value resources you’d use long after you’ve got acapella mixing “cracked”. The one idea we kept coming back to again and again was the idea of a suite of videos showing specific techniques that you can practise, copy and make your own, that move way beyond the basics. So that’s exactly what we produced as a bonus, alongside all the other stuff listed below:

  1. 17 “real world” advanced acapella tips, tricks and techniques – Using Traktor, Virtual DJ and Serato, these highly practical examples videos show you the exact skills we use ourselves in our DJing to move our acapella mixing way past just dropping a vocal over an instrumental and more into the realm of remixing and mashups. Grab the tracks and try them yourself to see how easy some of these tricks are!
  2. Three acapella “beats” to practise mixing acapellas over – yours to keep – You want to learn to mix acapellas quickly, right? Then use our bonus beats to do your practising with. With beats to cover all BPM ranges, they can simply be looped in your DJ software to give you a “bed” to practise over… they’re “real world” enough to sound the part, but don’t contain enough musical information to put you off your practising or to sound out of place – whatever the acapella you want to use with them
  3. PDF guides and worksheets – We’ve included downloadable, printable guides for quickstart, “top ten” acapellas and key wheels – stuff that you can have by your side as a companion to the course and long after

We think this is the most complete acapella training course ever made, as well as being the most clear and easy to learn. And it’s also the only acapella training aimed specifically at digital DJs – making it unique, and highly valuable for any digital DJ wanting to learn this skill, whatever your software and/or controller. It’s also great for DVS DJs!

A sneak video preview…

Here, Phil Morse – Digital DJ Tips founder and co-presenter of the course – talks you through what to expect once you’ve got your login. You’ll get a sense of the size of the course, the quality of the videos, and how simple you’re going to find it to follow the material.

Buy it now – and get all this…

Getting started couldn’t be easier. For a one time payment you get not only lifetime access to the complete video course, but also all the sounds, drills, demos, worksheets, downloads and bonuses!

Click here now to buy immediately, risk-free.

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A pro DJs testimonial…

KK“I checked out this course and I only wish I had this kind of tuition when I was starting out – it would have saved me years of agony! This method is perfect for the beginner, breaking everything down into easy to follow lessons. Anyone who wants to add new skills to their DJing should definitely give it a go.”

– Krafty Kuts, London, UK

Is it worth the money?

Of course, a single day in a DJ college may cost you $500, $750, $1000… so in one sense, there is no question. But even though the price of this course would be incredible value even at $300, let alone at this incredible price of $197, here’s what’s really important: If this course was just another set of “tell you what to do” techniques without showing you precisely how to do it, another lightweight program that just leaves you out of pocket and even more frustrated, it wouldn’t matter what the price is – it wouldn’t be worth it!

But if you can know with complete certainty that every acapella mix you perfect is going to help you towards successfully achieving your goal, whether to play in a bigger, better venue, or do a mixtape that your friends finally say in total honesty “that was amazing!”, or to have your fellow DJs jealously asking you how you did it, or give you the goosebumps on your arms or the hairs standing up on the back of your neck as you realise you’ve discovered a truly special mix… what is that actually worth to you?

We can’t put an exact figure on it – only you can do that. But we can tell you this: At this ridiculously low price, this program could well the best value investment you’ll make in your DJing this year.

Remember: To get your DJing off on this exciting new track, you need to act now. It’s easy: To buy your lifetime access to the Acapella Mixing Masterclass and all of the extra sounds, drills, demos, worksheets, downloads and bonuses, just click here for instant access.

Look! A 100%, risk-free 12-month guarantee

If you decide for whatever reason at all that the Acapella Mixing Masterclass is not for you, just let us know within 12 months of purchase and we’ll refund you with a smile. We’ll just be glad you had the confidence in us to give it a go. Many of the people who’ve refunded previous courses have gone on to become great friends of the site! We promise you we won’t be offended ;). So you’ve really got absolutely nothing to lose by taking us up on this offer right now.

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So now we’ve told you about this no-risk way to substantially turbo-charge your DJing skills for increased success (and masses more fun), the next move is up to you.

We know that if you’ve read this far, you have a strong interest in using the Acapella Mixing Masterclass to add this valuable skill to your DJing technique, just as you’ve always wanted to. All that’s left is for you to make it happen.

If you want to feel that buzz that only a breathtakingly good acapella mix can bring you… if you want to have the best chance of then repeating that in front of bigger, better audiences… if you want people to stop ignoring your mixtapes and start asking you about them… if you want to dig yourself out of a DJing rut… or if you want to simply cash in on your loyalty to Digital DJ Tips (for which we’re sincerely grateful) by taking us up on this limited offer… for any or all of these reasons, you owe it to yourself to do this! Click here now.