DJ AM's "Wonderwall" Scratch Mashup Routine, Fully Deconstructed For You To Learn For Free!
This free "Mix Deconstruction" lesson is taken from the Digital DJ Lab membership program and breaks down DJ AM's three-track mashup using an acapella, a beat, and the Oasis classic “Wonderwall”. It incorporates impeccable timing with sharp scratches and fader cuts with use of EQ to create a devastatingly impressive mashup. Broken down here beat by beat, so you learn how the mix is structured, and how to practice and nail it for yourself. There's a version with cue points only if you need it, but this is your chance to learn some scratches and to perform your own tribute to DJ AM and keep his DJ legacy alive - enjoy!

1. Watch the full lesson above
2. Download the tracks and the info sheet from the links below
3. Learn and practice each section of the routine one at a time then thread it all together, using        the follow-along practice demos below to help

Oasis "Wonderwall" - Buy on iTunes
The Beat Breaker "Wonderbreakbeat” (replacement for unavailable DJ Woo Wee track) - Download here
Bounceapella acapella snippet - Download here


Annotated Demos

Full Annotated Demo

Full Annotated Demo (Slow Motion Version)

Follow-along Practice Demos

Section 1 - 12 bars - Practice Demo

Section 1 - 12 bars - Practice Demo (Slow Motion Version)

Section 2 - 8 bars - Practice Demo

Section 2 - 8 bars - Practice Demo (Slow Motion Version)

Section 3 - Back Beat Scratch Pattern Practice Demo

Section 3 - Back Beat Scratch Pattern Practice Demo (Slo Mo Version)

Section 4 - 8 Bars - Practice Demo

 Section 4 - 8 Bars - Practice Demo (Slow Motion Version)

Section 5 - 8 Bars - Practice Demo

Section 5 - 8 Bars - Practice Demo (Slow Motion Version)

Section 6 - 8 Bars - Practice Demo

Section 6 - 8 Bars - Practice Demo (Slow Motion Version)

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