Watch this short video presentation video to discover how to make awesome edits of your own tracks to use in your DJ sets
What you'll learn...
  • ​Using freely available but powerful editing software, we’ll show you EXACTLY what you need to do to take your favourite tracks and remix them into versions that only you have!
  • Master the eight most powerful editing techniques the pros use to make your music easier to mix, more accessible and more adaptable to every DJing scenario
  • ​We take you step by step through each technique, using multiple examples of tracks in many different genres of music so you can apply these tricks to any tracks you like
  •  There’s a deep-dive lesson in music structure and phrasing, so that you can edit even the most complicated tracks with confidence
  •  You’ll be able to make your own mash ups using acapellas, giving you those killer tunes that get people saying “where did he get that”?
  • ​Quickly add your own intro & outros to those difficult to mix tracks, so you can play them whenever you want and blend them easily every time
  • Learn how to make tracks longer or shorter to suit whatever DJ set you want to play, or to shorten a DJ mix to fit on a CD
  •  Make your own radio edits, and even remove profanity quickly and painlessly so you don’t have to buy the ‘clean’ version as well as the club version
  • ​It’s everything you need to make your own unique versions of your favourite tunes, and get you on the road to producing your own tracks someday!
  • ​Instant access to over three hours of training across 30 detailed videos, so you can start to implement the steps right away… and access is for life, so there’s no time limit on doing it!

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What you're going to get...
Make Your Own DJ Edits is a complete video course of 30 professionally produced videos, delivered online in full HD, viewable on your computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can learn anywhere. With "over the shoulder" screen recordings, detailed follow-alongs, plus downloadable supporting documents, it's everything you need in one place. What's more, pay once and it's yours for life, so you can take it at your own speed and refer back to it whenever you want.
What other students are saying about this course:

"I've secured a residency thanks to this course!"

“After watching the video explaining the course I was sold. I always wanted to make my own edits and just didn’t have anyone to point me in the right direction. I learned loads from watching the videos and have been using what you taught on a daily basis! It’s really helped to take my Djing to the next level. 

I’ve recently been able to secure a resident gig, thanks in part to the edits I’ve been able to make using the knowledge from your course, I love being able to mix multiple tracks to make original remixes!" - DJ Stride, New Orleans, USA

"My music production confidence has increased tremendously..."

"This course is a must have for any DJ looking to take it to the next level, and anyone looking to get into production. It helped me save the time I was losing trying to figure out basic editing myself. (I’ve literally lost hours and hours and HOURS watching videos that have ineffective content!) 

Now my production confidence has increased tremendously! If I need to extend an intro to make a song easier to mix, restructure it so that it works better with a set, or even get creative and do a re-drum or mash up with accapella, I can. This is the stuff that opens the doors of creativity so that you can make virtually any track work within your set." - Shannon Chaney, Tampa, FL, USA

"I am confident that I could make a mash up, without having to spend again on a new course to learn how to do it."

“If you’re wanting to be a producer, learning how to edit is a very good way to start and if you’re like me, and like to mess with tracks to make DJing easier and more interesting, then this course will show you how to do it step by step. I paid hundreds for a course to show me how to do this in a studio… I went home, got stuck. 

With this course, I simply log in, and recap when I get stuck – perfect! I am confident that I could make a mash up if I wanted, without having to spend again on a new course to learn how to do it.”- Gary Coles , Oxford, UK

"If you want to make great sounding re-edits and don’t want to risk shelling out for Ableton or pro software, this is a fantastic training course!"

 “I didn’t want anything too technical like Ableton. I used to make edits with Serato DJ using the record button, they sounded ok but not perfect. Learning this skill with the free software has helped me feel like I can do “real” re-edits, and I’m not scared to attempt anything now! 

It’s also opened up my music collection to me. I had stuff I didn’t play due to intros/outros. Now I can make versions that will fit my set and I can use and I feel like I’ve been taught the things I need and not stuff for the sake of filling time." - Tony Needham – London, UK

"It’s cool that the tutorials are actual live action video."

I loved it! The course managed to deconstruct some of the daunting music theory required to really effectively use simple software to edit. I’ve now made a few re-edits that have been really useful in tidying up a number of my favourite tunes and now I can play them without worrying about the abrupt endings because I learned how to extend the intro & outro.

“It’s cool that the tutorials are actual live action videos and not still screen shots and it’s delivered at a great pace for a rewarding learning curve. I would recommend DJs to invest the money and learn a new technique that will give you even more control of the tracks in your library." - Ronnie – London, UK
Just like with all of our DJ training courses, Make Your Own DJ Edits comes with our cast-iron, no questions asked, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
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