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Learn how to produce unique versions of your favourite tracks to play in your DJ sets, just like the pros do...

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"If you want to get noticed as a DJ, just playing other people's records is not enough. Nowadays you also need to be able to create unique versions of your favourite tracks to play in your sets. 

"It's easy to do (once you know how), it's a HUGE secret of 'superstar' DJs... and now I'm going to share it with you."

Laidback Luke
  • How to re-edit tracks to suit YOUR style of DJing - Lengthen tracks you love, shorten tracks you feel are too long, add intro and outro beats to make tracks easier to mix, make breakdowns longer for more excitement (or remove them entirely to "keep the groove")...
  • How to "mash up" your favourite combos of tracks to make exciting new compositions - Now, when you have those "wouldn't this go well with that..." musical ideas, you'll be able to quickly turn them into dancefloor-filling mashups - that only YOU have!
  • How to produce "bootlegs", turning your favourite tracks into something completely new - Some of the biggest dance hits ever started off as simple bootlegs, where a DJ used basic production skills to change BPM or genre, and add extra melodies, percussion, basslines or vocals to favourite tracks. You'll learn how to do this, easily and quickly
  • How to use production software Ableton Live - Ever wanted to use Ableton Live, the #1 production software in dance music, but been scared to start? Making bootlegs, mashups and re-edits is THE best way to get proficient with Ableton Live (plus, you can use any version of the software to take the course)
  • How to use acapellas properly - Acapellas are the mainstay of many bootlegs and mashups, so Luke shows you how to easily incorporate them, including how to get the timing right, add effects to vocals, and chop them up for exciting variations
  • How to get the musical key right - It's important to match the musical keys of your tracks, so the results sound sweet. We'll show you how to get this right, so you can be confident your results sound great every time (plus, Luke reveals his clever "octave key match" trick)
  • The RIGHT way to make "re-drums" - Re-drums are versions of older tracks where you add a kick drum to make them sound fresh and modern. But too many people just throw a kick drum on a track and think that's it. Those tracks just sound muddy and unbalanced. You'll learn the correct way to do this
  • How to "Warp" tracks - Warping is a crucial technique to get tracks at a constant BPM so you can cleanly cut and paste beats, bars and song sections as you build your bootlegs, mashups and re-edits. It is also useful to know to fix "hard to DJ with" songs! 
  • An easy way to get your bootlegs, mashups and re-edits to sound as LOUD as studio tracks... so that when you mix them in to your DJ sets, they are crisp, punchy and professional sounding
  • Luke's PERSONAL software settings - Never shared before, these are those little tweaks to the software Luke has figured out through making 1000s of bootlegs, mashups and re-edits, that make life so much easier when doing this
  • "Just enough" musical know-how - This is NOT a full-on production course, so we don't need to load you with unnecessary theory. Instead, you'll learn just what you need to know about song structure, counting/timing, and vital producer techniques to make pro-standard bootlegs, mashups and re-edits
  • How to use "sidechain compression", advanced EQ, limiter, effects and more - These are bona fide production techniques and features that'll make your bootlegs, mashups and re-edits sound worlds apart from amateur efforts
  • How to write music without actually "playing" a note! - You do not need to be musical to write great melodies, and there's no need to have an instrument. You'll learn how the BEST way to start doing it all is just on your laptop...
Across its five modules and 33 core lessons, Laidback Luke's Bootlegs, Mashups & Re-edits is a unique, complete blueprint to help you make these types of tracks - not only is it unprecedented in the insight it gives into the methods of one of the world's best-known DJs, but it's the first time ANY A-list DJ has revealed this info about how they do this, anywhere...
Laidback Luke's Bootlegs, Mashups & Re-edits is a video course, taken completely online. Its 41 video lessons are accessible via any web browser, so you can follow any time, anywhere, on phone, tablet or laptop

The material is organised carefully into modules, and your learning is self-paced - buy it now and enjoy it this week, this month, next year - it’s completely up to you.

33 core lessons

The course's 33 core lessons across five modules teach exactly how to make bootlegs, mashups and re-edits, over Luke's shoulder - you'll copy exactly what he does!
33 core lessons
The course's 33 core lessons across seven modules teach 54 individual tricks and techniques, exhaustively covering all of Luke's favourite transition styles and using loops, cues, effects and more
108 supporting videos
As well as Luke's clear demonstrations and explanations, every technique is isolated and shown to you at both normal speed and in slow motion, and in an annotated version explaining every move so you can follow along in real time and nail each technique easily
Unique training portal
Our custom-built training portal lets you mark lessons as complete to track your progress, and bookmark lessons you want to come back to, so you never lose track of where you are... you can even rate lessons

6 bonus videos

Here you'll find all the extra material we couldn't squeeze into the course, such as bonus advanced lessons, Luke's tips for how to take this further, and even a "fly on the wall" studio session as Luke makes a real, original bootleg from start to finish...

Unique training portal

Our custom-built training portal lets you mark lessons as complete to track your progress, and bookmark lessons you want to come back to, so you never lose track of where you are... you can even rate lessons
You want to play DJ sets to the standard of pro DJs - Learning DJing skills isn't enough, because pro DJs are playing bootlegs, mashups and re-edits they've made themselves in their sets, that only they have - this is the "missing piece" of the puzzle you need

You're interested in learning how this is done from a pro - You're not just learning from anyone, you're learning from Laidback Luke, who has produced 1000s of these, and who has had smash hits with bootlegs and mashups of tracks like Paul Johnson's "Get Down" and Robin S "Show Me Love"

You want to get started in production - The very best way to learn how to use Ableton Live, to gain confidence, and to prepare yourself for making your own remixes and full productions is to learn how to make first re-edits, then mashups, then bootlegs

You're a fan of Laidback Luke's DJing and producing, and want to learn more from him - Maybe you took his DJ course with us, and are ready for the next step, or have seen his popular vlogs and just know he would be a great teacher for you

You want real results from a practical course - This is not about theory. It doesn't assume you know anything about this. All you need is any copy of Ableton Live and your laptop. We give you the samples, the music, the downloads, the instruction - and by the end of the course, you WILL have made re-edits, mashups and bootlegs, and know how to do it in the future for yourself
"What will I have achieved by the end of the course?"
Using the music, samples and resources we provide for you, by the end of the course you'll have followed along with Luke and actually made at least four tracks: Two re-edits, a mash-up, and a full-on bootleg. You will have created them, and outputted them as MP3 files.  

More importantly though, you'll have learned how they're made, so you'll be all set up to go right back to the beginning and do it all again for yourself, with your own tunes.
"I do not own any musical equipment, I do not play an instrument, I have had no musical training. Can I really do this?"
Yes! Firstly, you do not need any musical equipment at all. Luke makes most of his re-edits, mashups and bootlegs when he's travelling, using just his laptop and pair of earbuds! You'll need nothing more. As long as you have a laptop that can run any version of Ableton Live software, you're good. (Any modern Mac or Windows laptops should be fine.)

As far as musical training or being a musician goes, it is far more important that you love dance music, and have always wanted to do this. Most of the skills involve having a sense for what might work on the dancefloor (and we show you how to "sense check" your ideas ) - much more than being "musical". The "musical" stuff you need is all covered in the course, in a simple manner so you'll understand it easily.
"What exactly ARE re-edits, bootlegs and mashups? Why do I need them?"
A bootleg is where you take a track, and change it radically - new BPM, genre, new instruments, vocals and so on. Think of it as a "DIY remix". A mashup is two or more existing tracks, creatively combined to make something new. A re-edit is where you alter an existing track by lengthening it, shortening it, rearranging its parts and so on (this is often done to make it easier to DJ with).

In today's world, where all DJs have access to pretty much everything, making re-edits, bootlegs and mashups is the best way to make tracks nobody else has got, to DJ with. Also, you can produce remixes that you could never perform "live" in a DJ set otherwise, even with the best features of the most modern DJ software and hardware.
"Do I need to use 'Ableton Live'? What exactly is it?
Ableton Live is a type of "Digital Audio Workstation" (DAW for short). It runs on Mac or Windows. It is the preferred DAW of dance music producers, and many of the records you love will have been made on it. It's also perfect for making re-edits, mashups and bootlegs - and indeed, many DJs pre-prepare DJ mixes on it. You'll need it to take this course.

It is currently FREE for 30 days. The whole course has been made on the easy-to-afford "Intro" version of the software. In short: We've made sure this won't be an obstacle for you.
  • When you join us as a paying student, you'll automatically be invited to join our private Student Hub Facebook Group
  • This awesome community is where our students worldwide hang out with tutors from all of our courses and get to ask questions, receive help, be held accountable, and engage with our wider family - over 35,000 students in 168 countries
  • This is unique to Digital DJ Tips, and is only open to our students - that's YOU
  • You'll also be invited to our monthly StudentLive live remote classroom sessions, where students from all of our courses get to meet up along with one or more of our tutors.
  • Ask live questions, get insights, share triumphs and challenges - it's like being in a real classroom, but the classroom comes to you!
  • Join as many or few of these sessions as you like - they're even recorded, so you can follow along when it suits. This is a COMPLETELY FREE (and optional!) addition to your course.
"We've wanted to make a course like this for a long time, but we wanted to work with someone who not only makes tracks like this for their own DJ sets, but who is passionate about teaching the skills to others. There are surprisingly few A-list DJs like that out there!

"But working with Luke surpassed all of our expectations. The amount of time, thinking and sheer effort he put into each and every one of these lessons made all those 16-hour days on the film set totally worth it. We think you'll love the result!"

Phil Morse - Digital DJ Tips Founder
If this course only taught bootlegs, mashups and re-edits, it'd be incredible in itself - but it contains so much more that that! To make sure it gives you more than what you need to learn to do this fully, we made sure to include ...
  • A complete index of every single skill Luke teaches in the course, plus links to the lessons. Look at it as a "cheat sheet" for everything to do with making bootlegs, mashups and remixes, using Ableton Live, and more...
  • Laidback Luke's "10 Rules of Production" - It's only natural you're going to start thinking about remixing and even producing your own tracks, once you've mastered these skills - so Luke shares his 10 tips for production beginners 
  • A real-time "over the shoulder" beginning-to-end bootleg session - Watch as Luke starts from scratch, producing a full-on mashup/bootleg in under two hours. It's a valuable "reveal" of how a pro does this, from beginning to end
  • Advice on adopting the right mindset - There are a LOT of misconceptions about what you really need to be able to start down the "production" road - so Luke clears all of this early on with valuable tips on how to approach doing this
  • Extra, advanced lessons to take you further  - Whether it's "warping" difficult tracks, or alternative ways to add drums (we use a kick drum as an example) to your productions, or sampling sounds from your favourite records... we've included bonus "next step" lessons too
Across its five modules and 33 core lessons, Laidback Luke's Bootlegs, Mashups & Re-edits is a unique, complete blueprint to help you make these types of tracks - not only is it unprecedented in the insight it gives into the methods of one of the world's best-known DJs, but it's the first time ANY A-list DJ has revealed this info about how they do this, anywhere...
Don't have Ableton? No problem...

The course uses industry-standard production software, Ableton Live Intro. You'll be taught all you need to know to use it easily. 

But you don't need to spend a penny! Right now you can get Ableton Live Suite free for 30 days from the Ableton website.

If you do decide to buy, as a Digital DJ Tips student you get an exclusive 25% off any version of Ableton Live from Intro to Suite - this could save you up to $150!
Want your tracks "mastered" to pro quality? We got you...
As a student, you get 12 months free track mastering from online mastering tool Tunebat, worth over $100 included FREE with this course!

Mastering your music properly makes your track sound great on every speaker, and Tunebat uses "reference mastering" to match your music with the music that you want your track to sound like! 
We have over 35,000 students in 168 countries. Like Rex, who's already sharing his productions with fellow students...

"The feeling when you have finished a track, when you see it in YOUR track collection, between the big names... you feel like, wow!"

I tried producing before - I got Ableton and began with internet lessons but after several days of struggling, I just got p***ed off, and lost faith! So I decided to take your course and after just one week it felt like I had been doing this for years! I just love the way such a complex process with such multiple possibilities is explained in a very easy way - straight to the point.

And the feeling when you have finished a track, when you see it in YOUR track collection, between the big names... you feel like, wow! - Nikolay, Bulgaria

"I LOVED it! You explain everything so well and make it very easy to follow…"

"I am a very hands on person when it comes to learning and I have been in search for a music producing class but I haven't really found one that just specialises in dance music.

You explained everything so well and made it very easy to follow. Thanks again for taking the time to make this course and for making it so easy to follow. It's definitely what I have been looking for and I look forward to taking another one in the near future." - Bryan Konrad, USA

"Being able to now confidently label myself as a DJ/producer has been huge for getting bookings…"

The lessons are very easy to understand and cut right to the chase with very little fluff, which gets you producing at an amazingly fast rate. I wasted zero time and money finding out which programs and samples to use to get me started. Being able to to now confidently label myself as a DJ/producer has been huge for getting bookings. I recommend this course to anyone at all, even if this is your first step into the DJ/producer role. - DJ Kaz, Canada

"Thanks for helping me produce my first song!"

I am a mobile DJ and I thought it would be great to produce music of my own. I didn't have any experience in making music at all, but the course has a good structure, well explained by the tutors. It was awesome - I have learned some basic producing skill that I now intend to use on a song that is completely made by me. Thanks for helping me produce my first song! - DJ Maykel Met, The Netherlands
There are many choices out there for people wanting to learn DJ skills, from free YouTube videos, all the way up to university courses that demand years of commitment. So why do so many people choose Digital DJ Tips? Here are three big reasons... 


As well as being an authoritative, respected and globally recognised and Serato certified DJ school, has since 2010 grown to be one of the biggest DJ tech websites in the world, with 250,000 unique visitors a month, and established and popular YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels with over 750,000 followers and we have a popular weekly live DJ TV show, which is watched by as many as 25,000 DJs each episode. We also wrote the book on DJing, "Rock The Dancefloor!" by Phil Morse (an Amazon bestseller). We are right where it's happening.


Since we delivered our very first course in 2011, we've put high quality teaching at the heart of what we do. We have a proven system for teaching that's not only clear so beginners can easily follow along, but also thorough, taking students as far as they want to go, right to pro level. We prefer action over theory, and showing over telling, and we understand that coaching is just as important as information - in fact, information on its own is rarely enough! We also understand that our students have limited time, so all our training is designed to get you results fast, and fit around your busy life.


Online DJ training is unfortunately a bit of a "Wild West". But unlike many of the operations  out there, when you join us, you get much more than just a username and a password. We have a full-time team to make sure you're looked after, and we take our duty of care for you seriously.  All courses have in-course tutor help, right on tap. And if you ever need any extra help, with anything from technical stuff to billing enquiries, know that two of our team members are dedicated only to customer support. And of course, with our StudentHub and StudentLive community, you get to participate in the biggest DJ school student network anywhere in the world.

Just like with all of our DJ training, Laidback Luke's Bootlegs, Mashups & Re-Edits Course comes with our cast-iron, no questions, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
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