Finally, a DJ mixing course designed specially for mobile & wedding DJs.

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"Nowadays, mobile and wedding DJs are expected to be able to properly mix their music, because the couples, clients and audiences they play for demand good DJs - after all, today's generation was brought up with EDM, festivals and DJ culture. This world-first course shows you how to mix the music you already play, properly. Result? Happier dancefloors, higher demand for your services, and ultimately, the ability to charge more!"
Phil Morse, Digital DJ Tips
Mixing For Mobile & Wedding DJs is your unique chance to learn how to mix properly with the music you already play at your mobile, wedding and corporate gigs. Preparation, modern mixing skills, ready-to-go example transitions - it's all covered in the 57 lessons, 31 "done for you" routines, and 9 modules of this world-first course. 
You'll learn:
  • The modern skills for mixing easily between genres, BPMs and styles - Using all of your DJ gear's features such as loops, cues, effects, filters and key sync, we'll teach you all the transition types that work well in mobile DJ sets
  • How to prepare your tracks for mixing - One of the big secrets of "mobile DJs who mix" is that they've prepared their music files properly, with pre-planned cues, loops and analysis. We'll show you exactly how to do it
  • How to use the playlist features of your gear/software, to take the panic out of mixing - This clever way of planning your sets helps ensure they are both relaxing and fun for you, and more exciting for your audiences
  • How to switch from the way you do it now to the "new" way - All the tips, tricks and advice you need to make the transition smoothly from your current methods into the modern way of DJing
  • 31 "done for you" transitions, which you can take and use in your own sets immediately - To get you started, we teach you a whole set of timeless transitions to use at your gigs. You can start incorporating them in your shows right away!
  • ...and so much more...
You're a mobile or wedding DJ who knows it's time to learn to mix like the best DJs do...
This is the course you've been waiting for. It uses the exact music you DJ with already, and shows you how to mix it in ways that keep wedding, party and corporate event dancefloors full and happy, whatever type of audience you find yourself playing to
You're a club DJ who wants to start playing mobile/wedding gigs
As any event DJ will tell you, mobile DJing is a completely different game to playing clubs, and needs a very different approach. This course will show you how to adapt the skills you already have from clubland so they work at mobile events of all types
You're a DJ who wants to learn how to use all the features of modern DJ gear
Maybe you've only ever used record decks or CDs, or maybe you've got a controller or digital system but always been scared of the features you see other DJs using... this course will demystify them for you, and show you great transitions, using the music everyone loves, for you to perform
Inside The Course - Full Curriculum

Module 1: "Get Prepared"

Half of the battle with this type of DJing is what you do before you arrive at your shows. So here, you'll learn how to prepare your music files, how to plan your playlists and sets, and how to organise yourself so the music you need is right at your fingertips and ready to go when you're in the heat of a DJ set. 

Module 2: "Basic Tricks & Techniques"

Here you'll learn all the individual skills that you'll be combining to "build" your transitions. If you did nothing more than follow and learn the lessons in this module, you'd already have the skills to completely transform the way you play your mobile and wedding gigs, such is the power of what's taught here - it's worth the price of the course on its own.

Module 3: "Quick Mixes"

It's time to start putting into practice what was covered in the previous two modules. Here you'll learn "quick mixes" - transitions that are executed quickly, often instantly. We'll teach you where to "quick mix" in your tracks, and how to spot the tracks that work well with this type of transition. There are lots of examples to use in your own DJ sets right way.

Module 4: "Creative Beatmixes"

Beatmixing belongs in clubs, right? Not when you can perform creative beatmixes like these that add to your audience's enjoyment, and that won't annoy them (by messing too much with the songs they want to hear). And even better, using today's DJ gear, these are easy to perform too. We give you lots of examples you can simply use "as they are".

Module 5: "BPM & Genre Switches"

You already know you have to play a bit of everything at your gigs - that's the world of the mobile and wedding DJ. Part of becoming a great mixing DJ is being able to spot where you can do something more creative to switch genres or BPMs in your sets. Start with our examples, then apply the techniques to your own music!

Module 6: "Wordplays & Other Tricks"

These skills are just the ticket for creating unforgettable "moments". Using the lyrics in the tracks you're mixing to provide a creative twist to your transitions will always get appreciative nods, Plus, learn a "dirty little secret" that pro DJs use all the time for "mixing the impossible", which works just as well for mobile and wedding DJs.

Module 7: "Ballads & Singalongs"

Whether it's the first dance at a wedding, an end-of-night showstopper, or a prepared segment to allow couples to hit the dancefloor together, a segment of slower music and/or singalong tracks absolutely has a place in so many of our mobile and wedding gigs - so you'll learn how to mix those songs, treading where other DJs don't dare.

Module 8: "Done-For-You Routines"

Again, if this module was all that was in this course, it'd be so worth the price. Here you'll find timeless, complete routines you can learn to perform easily and quickly and use in your shows immediately. All of these tricks and transitions are truly special, and they're exclusive to this training - we've never before shared these, anywhere.

Module 9: "Now Do It!"

This module contains the final push you'll need to get out of "practice mode", and to start doing this in front of real audiences. You'll find tactics for painlessly introducing these techniques, plus tips for applying all you've learned to the music you already own, and all the music that's yet to be released - locking in and future-proofing your learning.

Get started immediately with the full playlist!
This course uses the very biggest timeless and current mobile/wedding DJ music - pop, dance, hip-hop, rocks, oldies, "singalong" tunes... you probably already have many of them, and the course uses the most popular versions, the "radio" edits that you can buy anywhere. No joining expensive download pools to search for "DJ friendly" versions.

But you can also log in to the TIDAL streaming service on your DJ software and go straight to the course playlist, already prepared for you by us. (New to TIDAL? They'll give you a month's subscription for free to get you started.)
Mixing For Mobile & Wedding DJs is a video course, taken completely online. Its 57 video lessons and 80 follow-along annotated demos feature Digital DJ Tips tutors Phil Morse and Steve Canueto teaching you exactly how it's done. You get to ask questions directly to your tutors at every stage to help you with your learning.

The material is organised carefully into modules, and your learning is self-paced - buy it now and enjoy it this week, this month, next year - it’s completely up to you.

57 core lessons

From initial preparation to basic techniques, quick mixes to full "done for you" routines, they contain all you need to learn to mix properly
57 core lessons
From initial preparation to basic techniques, quick mixes to full "done for you" routines, they contain all you need to learn to mix properly
80 demo videos
Here you'll find all the annotated follow-along demos to help you nail the skills, so you can easily perfect every one of them.
Unique training portal
Our custom-built training portal lets you mark lessons as complete to track your progress, bookmark lessons you want to come back to, rate lessons, chat with your tutors and more... it's a proven, great place to learn.

80 demo videos

Here you'll find all the annotated follow-along demos to help you nail the skills, so you can easily perfect every one of them.

Unique training portal

Our custom-built training portal lets you mark lessons as complete to track your progress, bookmark lessons you want to come back to, rate lessons, chat with your tutors and more... it's a proven, great place to learn.
"What will I get from this course?"
You’ll learn to properly mix the music wedding and mobile DJs play. You'll learn how to prepare your music, organise your playlists for mixing, the basic skills needed and features available to you on modern DJ gear, and how to use those skills and features to perform great transitions that are suitable for mobile, wedding, corporate events, etc.
"I am new to DJing. Will this course be too complicated for me?"
All you need to know coming into the course is the basics (we won’t be showing you how to plug your gear in or how to get music coming out of the speakers). Also, we're assuming you already know the type of music you want to play - our job is to show you how to mix it properly. As long as you can get the party started and know what your audiences want, we'll teach you the mixing skills that'll completely transform your DJing, guaranteed!
"Do you supply the music?"
We give you a playlist, "done for you" in TIDAL which you can access in your DJ software or on your system, to use right away (TIDAL also has a free month's subscription available to new users). We also give you a list of the music so you can obtain it yourself for when you wish to own it. Remember these are all the obvious, mainstream, radio/commercially available versions of the songs, so there will be no issue finding any of the music featured in the course.
"So, why do you use the "radio" or "commercially available" versions of songs in the course?"
Loads of reasons! They're probably the ones you already own. They're the easiest, quickest and cheapest ones to find if you don't (no specialised record pools to join). And frankly, with today's DJ gear and the techniques in this course, there's no need to "cheat" with versions made for DJs to mix with - our way frees you up forever more to use the most obvious versions. Happily, they're also the ones your crowds will know and prefer - it's a win-win-win. Oh, and we also think it's more fun this way...
"Will the course work with the gear I have?"
It will. This is not a course about DJ gear or software. You'll see us using all the big brands of gear, and all the major software platforms. Throughout the course we give tips on how to do the mixing on all gear. Whether you use a $200 controller or a $5000 pro DJ set-up, whether you DJ standalone or with software, whether you use Pioneer or Denon DJ gear, Serato, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Traktor, controllers or DVS... the course has got you covered.
"What kind of music does the course use?"
100% mainstream music, the world's biggest hits from today and yesterday. If you're already a working mobile or wedding DJ, you know exactly what we mean. Not played this style before? Think of the last wedding, office party etc you attended. That music. This is classic mobile DJ stuff - pop, dance, hip hop, rock, oldies, "singalong standards". The big songs we all know, in other words.
"I don't want to scratch or do flash performance stuff, it looks hard and I don't think my audiences would 'get it' anyway!"
We agree completely, that kind of thing has no place in mobile and wedding DJing. But here's the thing: By using the tools given to you in modern DJ software and on modern DJ gear, you can perform smooth, professional and accomplished DJ transitions and routines, that don't need years of practise or dexterity, and that sound great. These techniques will improve the flow, energy levels and professionalism of your DJ sets, while also being completely appropriate for your audiences. 
"Will I be locked into any payments, or do I have to do this in a certain timeframe?"
No, to both! The price you pay is the full price of the course - that’s it. No subscriptions, no further payments. The complete course, 100% yours. What’s more, it’s yours for life, including any future upgrades. Start today, tomorrow, next year. Come back as often as you want, whenever you want. Take as long as you want to finish it. We’ll always be here to help you, whenever that may be.
We have over 35,000 students in 165 countries. Here is some recent feedback from some of them...
  • When you join us as a paying student, you'll automatically be invited to join our private Student Hub Facebook Group
  • This awesome community is where our students worldwide hang out with tutors from all of our courses and get to ask questions, receive help, be held accountable, and engage with our wider family - over 35,000 students in 168 countries
  • This is unique to Digital DJ Tips, and is only open to our students - that's YOU
  • You'll also be invited to our monthly StudentLive live remote classroom sessions, where students from all of our courses get to meet up along with one or more of our tutors.
  • Ask live questions, get insights, share triumphs and challenges - it's like being in a real classroom, but the classroom comes to you!
  • Join as many or few of these sessions as you like - they're even recorded, so you can follow along when it suits. This is a COMPLETELY FREE (and optional!) addition to your course.
There are many choices out there for people wanting to learn DJ skills, from free YouTube videos, all the way up to university courses that demand years of commitment. So why do so many people choose Digital DJ Tips? Here are three big reasons... 


As well as being an authoritative, respected and globally recognised and Serato certified DJ school, has since 2010 grown to be one of the biggest DJ tech websites in the world, with 250,000 unique visitors a month, and established and popular YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels with over 750,000 followers and we have a popular weekly live DJ TV show, which is watched by as many as 25,000 DJs each episode. We also wrote the book on DJing, "Rock The Dancefloor!" by Phil Morse (an Amazon bestseller). We are right where it's happening.


Since we delivered our very first course in 2011, we've put high quality teaching at the heart of what we do. We have a proven system for teaching that's not only clear so beginners can easily follow along, but also thorough, taking students as far as they want to go, right to pro level. We prefer action over theory, and showing over telling, and we understand that coaching is just as important as information - in fact, information on its own is rarely enough! We also understand that our students have limited time, so all our training is designed to get you results fast, and fit around your busy life.


Online DJ training is unfortunately a bit of a "Wild West". But unlike many of the operations  out there, when you join us, you get much more than just a username and a password. We have a full-time team to make sure you're looked after, and we take our duty of care for you seriously.  All courses have in-course tutor help, right on tap. And if you ever need any extra help, with anything from technical stuff to billing enquiries, know that two of our team members are dedicated only to customer support. And of course, with our StudentHub and StudentLive community, you get to participate in the biggest DJ school student network anywhere in the world.

Just like with all of our DJ training, Mixing For Mobile & Wedding DJs comes with our cast-iron, no questions, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
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