Watch the video and discover Mixing Mastery, a brand-new course teaching cutting-edge DJ transitions & tricks, for all gear and at all skill levels...
Get ready to learn...
  • How to "mix the unmixable" - a wide range of genres and BPM changes... - Ever been frustrated that you can't play the music you know you want to (or ought to), simply because you don't know how to mix it properly? In this course you'll learn exciting NEW ways to mix ANY kind of music - from house, pop and hip-hop to EDM, Latin, rock - even chill out. No music need be "out of bounds" ever again!
  • How to use ALL the features of your DJ gear - Modern DJ gear can do stuff that even a decade ago was unimaginable. And right now you're almost certainly not using anything like all the features you could be! Knowing how to use these amazing functions will change your DJing instantly and forever
  • What the best DJs are doing in 2018... - Music and DJ trends change, meaning some of the things DJs are doing now are different to what they were doing even two or three years ago. We demystify the newest innovations in mixing for you, and give you ways to use them right "out of the box", keeping you cutting edge
  • ...and how YOU can do this on any software, on any gear, and at any skill level - None of this is hard when you follow our proven teaching methods - and nearly all these transitions are possible on nearly all DJ gear. Whether you're using a $200 beginner set-up or pro kit, and whether you're new or you've been doing this for years, it'll work for you
  • The RIGHT way to incorporate these techniques into your DJ sets - Nobody likes a DJ who shows off incessantly or does silly things that only they think are cool! These pro techniques are set-ready and proven - and we'll show you how to be sure you're using them correctly in your sets so you delight (rather than annoy) your audiences
  • How to create instant live remixes and mashups of popular tracks, new and old - It's not just about moving from track to track any more. With everyone having access to the same music nowadays, you need to know how to make something new and exciting out of well-known music, so you stand out. We'll show you - by using more than one copy of a tune, using acapellas, live restructuring, and more...
  • For club DJs:Exciting new ways to surprise and delight your crowds - Beatmixing a pile of similar tunes simply won't do any more. You need to be able to mix it up - literally. There are dozens of exciting new ways to do that here, to help you stand out and so get booked for bigger and better gigs
  • For mobile/wedding/corporate DJs:How to stand out by bringing pro DJ skills to any event - People booking you now for their birthdays and weddings have been brought up with clubbing and DJ culture - yet as a mobile DJ, you're still expected to play every genre and BPM imaginable. Mixing Mastery is your key to mixing ALL of your tunes like a pro. So few mobile DJs do this, making this an amazing chance to stand out
  • The "seven essentials" of digital DJing 2.0 - Don't let the list scare you, but by the end of this you'll be a master of beat/tempo sync, using the performance pads (for things like cue juggling and tone play), looping (auto/manual plus loop roll and beatjump), key mixing (lock, shift and sync), effects, Slip/Flux, and beatgridding (including elastic beatgridding)
  • How to discover amazing mixes like this for yourself - Mixing Mastery is a "cookbook", so you can take and use any or all of these transitions in your own DJing immediately (indeed, we encourage you to!). But crucially, we'll get you into the mindset and processes behind discovering your own transitions, by detailing exactly how we came up with every single mix. You'll soon be spotting amazing transitions in your own collection where you never could have done before!
How our courses and training platform work...

This is a complete on-demand course, yours for life, delivered online via our bespoke training platform. It's in full HD across 80 videos, viewable on your computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can learn anywhere.

Our courses have multiple camera angles, on-screen annotations, close-up skill shots, and step-by-step explanations, making them easy to follow and fun! 

You can bookmark lessons to come back to again and again across this and any other course you own from us, you can mark lessons as complete to chart your progress, and you can rate lessons for your own use or to give feedback. 

Plus, each month for 12 months from the date of purchase you are invited to attend a StudentLive "remote classroom" coaching webinar with your tutor Phil Morse, where you can ask questions and get answers liveNobody does online DJ training like we do!

What's in the course...
Core training
  • Module 1: The Principles & Techniques of Power Mixing - This essential intro sets you up properly for the rest of the course, and includes transcriptions to download and refer back to as you work through the "cookbook" that follows... What you'll learn: The right mindset for doing this; lessons on how DJs approach this type of mixing; the "new rules" of digital DJing. 
  • Module 2: Making Big BPM Changes - Exciting new examples of how to change BPM in your DJ sets. What you'll learn: Changing BPM with a sync-locked loop; changing BPM in a breakdown; transitioning with word play; disguising a BPM change through maintaining a vibe; disguising a BPM change with cue play; correcting key with pitch play; bold BPM change using loop roll
  • Module 3: Making Smooth Genre Changes - If you're going to mix a lot like this, you need to be able to do this stuff smoothly, track after track, while your dancefloor happily grooves away - and here's how. What you'll learn:Genre change through use of similar elements; genre change through a bassline "tease"; genre change using loops & filters; using matching basslines to smoothly transition; the “keep it simple” genre change
  • Module 4: Making Bold Genre Changes - Every now and then you'll want to introduce a bit of showmanship, and these ambitious genre shifts are exactly that. Show them who's in charge! What you'll learn: The “got you with that one!” genre change; the “crossover track” genre change; the tone play genre change; the “completely extreme” genre change; using acapellas / beatless outros to transition; genre change through similar riffs
  • Module 5: Live Remixing & Mashups - Learn how to take things to the current limits of what's possible in digital DJing - while, of course, taking your audiences along with you... What you'll learn: Live remixing with cue play, vinyl brake & Slip/Flux mode; mashing together two tracks that are already linked (acapella routine); tone play & acapella mashup across four decks; live intro mashup with an offset beatjumped loop; live remixing by beatjuggling two copies of the same tune; the "seesaw" lyrical mashup
Bonus lessons
  • Follow-along practice demos for you to come back to time and time again as you nail each technique
  • Pro DJ mix techniques deconstructed, lifting the lid off the most impressive crowd pleasing techniques so you can copy, learn and use them in you own DJ sets
  • Deep-dive training on how to master beatgridding of your tracks. This is an essential element to mastering the mixes in this course, and we make sure you're covered no matter what software you use
  • Slow motion mix technique demos to make sure you don't miss a beat in learning and practising the skills - timestretched, which makes this a unique learning tool
  • Foundation lessons on counting, phrasing and manual beatmixing in case you want to brush up on the basics before diving into the tough stuff!
Here's what students are saying about Mixing Mastery:

"This is for DJs wanting to step up their game and be creative!"

"It totally got me thinking outside the box. I’m not afraid to try and experiment with different mixing techniques.

"I love how the mixes are slowed right down and explained in great detail. I've gained more confidence in DJing and am having loads more fun!" - Paul Moore, Atlanta, USA

"Just buy this course - you can thank me later!"

"This course got me back on the decks for good - with the right instructors, well explained audio/visuals and the practice demos, it all makes sense to me now!

"The music and creativity has started flowing and I even got my first mobile gig after taking this course, with more to come!" - Hugo Lopez, Miami, USA

"My favourite parts were the things I already knew but now I OWN those skills!"

"I DJed my first wedding since taking this course, and was the most prepared I’ve ever been for a set - the pay off was huge, everyone danced their butts off.

"Being able to mix different BPMs and genres really helped me and being able to dive into the course whenever I wanted made learning a breeze." - Timothy Callahan, Maryland, USA

"I've learned more than I could have ever imagined from an online course!"

"Mixing Mastery gave me the tools and confidence to actually get out and play in public. The feeling of actually getting paid for doing something you love is amazing!

"This is hands down the most detailed and informative DJ course you’ll ever find!" - Christian Vuylsteke, St Louis, USA

Need more info on what's in the course curriculum? 

Click here to download the full curriculum PDF document and find out exactly what's covered in each module...

Just like with all of our DJ training courses, Mixing Mastery comes with our cast-iron, no questions asked, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
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  • 10-video course, again currently completely exclusive to Dance Music Formula, showing you an exact, proven method for releasing and promoting your tracks
  • How to use Facebook, Instagram and music blogs to get the word out, so people find out about your music
  • How to promote your songs on SoundCloud, add them to Spotify, Apple Music and the like, and get them on Beatport and into other stores, so people can hear and buy them
  • How to get signed to a record label - and even how to start your own!
Your biggest questions answered:

"Do I need to have expensive hardware to be able to learn these mixes?"

No - any modern DJ controller and any modern DJ software can do the vast majority of these demos, which are demonstrated on a mixture of Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ and Traktor Pro - but they also work fine on Virtual DJ, djay Pro, Mixxx, DJUCED etc.

"I'm only just starting DJing, will I find this course too hard?"

No - the mixes cover all abilities, but also we've included some foundation lessons from other courses to help you get up to speed on the basics, as well as some more advanced lessons from other courses to help with some of the trickier preparation needed for Mixing Mastery. In short, it has all you need to get going, whatever your skill level.

"Is it cheating to just copy what you have done here in my own DJ sets?"

Not only is it perfectly fine, we completely encourage it! These are brand-new mixes for 2018, and we want you to use them. All DJs copy, and by copying you'll invariably come up with your own variations. Before you know it, you'll be using your own tunes, too. This isn't cheating - it's how to learn. Go right ahead - and let us know how you get on! (It's called a "cookbook" for a reason, y'know...)

"I'm a mobile DJ. Will I find enough in here for me and my audiences?"

Absolutely! Much of this course uses the kind of pop, rock, disco, funk and hip hop music that you probably already own and play. The difference is that we teach you to do things with it that your audiences won't be expecting - and will be delighted to hear you doing. As you know, today's party crowds expect a higher standard from event DJs, having been brought up with "club culture" - this is your key to delivering that.

"I'm a club DJ - is there stuff here I can use?"

There's plenty of club music used in these transitions - but it's always given a twist. When a club DJ throws in something unexpected, and does a great job of the technical side of the mix, club crowds tend to remember that for a long time. This is how to stand out from the other DJs who are all paying safe.

"I'm pretty proficient at mixing. Will I learn something new here?"

You never stop learning in DJing. Just as music keeps evolving, so do the techniques that go with mixing that music. There's a lot of cutting edge stuff here, but there's also stuff so simple that you could have easily done it on your first day as a DJ - yet it's sure to delight you.

"I've already bought previous mixing training from you. What's different about this course?"

Every single mix, transition, live remix and mashup in Mixing Mastery is brand new for this course and for 2018. This is a "cookbook" of original ideas that you can take and use right away in your own DJing to stay ahead of the pack. There is also a bigger emphasis here on "mixing the unmixable", with a wider variety of genre and BPM changes than we've taught before. This course is a perfect complement to any other training you may have, or be thinking of buying, from us.

"I really don't think I'm a creative type of DJ at all - I just play music. Is this course right for me?"

When you don't understand this stuff, it can feel like it's unattainable - but when you see how it's done, you realise it's simply a process. And processes can be learned! What's more, as these are finished, club-ready mixes, if you're just looking to add a bit of sparkle to your sets, simply use them as they are - you'll still be performing them, they'll still be "yours" - and actually, you'll find you're becoming more creative simply through doing.

More feedback from previous students:

"This course is essential, especially for mobile DJs, who want to stand out from the crowd!"

"I have taken many courses from, and this mixing course was the best and is particularly useful to mobile DJs like myself that play many different genres. 

"This course is essential to differentiate yourself from many other mobile jocks who can't mix!" - Nick Davies, Derby, UK

"Wow, brilliant! This is what we have all been waiting for..."

"What can I say, mind blown! Wow, brilliant! This is what we have all been waiting for! How to really DJ right there! There is nothing left to say apart from 'You need this'...." - Antony Pegler, Bangor, UK

"The best DJing course I've taken - bar none..."

“ answered all of the questions that I had such as how to change genres and create awesome sets, and even how to do things such as mixing unmixable songs. I'd go as far to say that this course even borders on how to start thinking (and mixing) like a producer. Also, a special shout-out to Phil - the enthusiasm he shows in teaching this course is completely contagious.” - Steve Gold, California, USA

"Don't be a good DJ when you can learn here how to be an even better DJ..."

"I was wondering how my favourite DJs make those switches that leave you in awe. How is it possible to do those transitions that are high risk/high reward for maximum impact? I got the answers and a lot more on top. Don't be a good DJ when you can learn here how to be an even better DJ. Your money and trust placed in this course will be rewarded several times over. Quite simply, you won't regret it." - Aatish Pattni, Hessen, Germany

As with all our training, you're protected by our cast-iron, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. You can cancel your membership at any time by simply sending our awesome support team an email and we will refund your last payment with a smile. The risk is all ours, that’s how confident we are that you'll get what we're promising (and then some!) from this coaching.

Just like with all of our DJ training courses, Mixing Mastery comes with our cast-iron, no questions asked, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
Core training
  • Month #2: Beatmixing Part 1: Timing & Counting - Benefit
  • Month #3: Beatmixing Part 2: Manual Beatmatching - Benefit
  • Month 4: Beatmixing Part 3: Beatgridding & Sync - Benefit
  • And much, much more...
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