Watch the video to discover how YOU can perform amazing DJ mixes across all genres & BPMs, every time, on any DJ gear...
What you'll learn...
  •  How to mix anything into anything - every time, effortlessly. Never again be stuck for a way to play the track you know you ought to be playing next, even if it is in a totally different genre, style or BPM
  •  How to move way past basic beatmatching, into real pro mixing techniques - Most pros don't really beatmatch that much any more, they're too busy doing this stuff. You soon will be too
  •  How to "power mix" with all types of music - we cover house, hip hop, pop, rock, reggae, bass music, funk, disco, "classics", acapellas and more. Whatever your flavour, we've got you covered
  •  How to perform these techniques on any kind of DJ gear - we show you on all types of DJ controllers as well as on Pioneer pro DJ gear, and we use all types of software, such as Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ. Once you know the skills, you can use them on any gear
  •  The right way to use every control on your mixer - advanced tuition on using your vertical faders, EQs, filters and gain controls creatively so you can perform a much wider variety of mixes than DJs who are "chained to the crossfader"
  •  How to escape the "play safe" mindset and become the type of DJ who takes risks and always pulls them off - by the end of the course you'll be confidently mixing with tunes lesser DJs would simply describe as "unmixable"...
  •  Advanced live remixing techniques - we'll show you how to take familiar vocals and riffs, and chop, change and morph them into entirely new elements to seriously spice up your DJ mixes
  •  "Classic" power mixing skills - impress your DJ friends with tricks using two copies of the same track, manual looping, and the hallowed half/double speed mix technique...
  •  How to easily beatmix pop songs and other music where there's no time to perform proper mixes - these techniques (including the mega-useful "one bar" mix) are THE vital skills for mastering "quick mixing"
  •  The times when you shouldn't be mixing in key - and why knowing these rules always leads to tighter, more creative, more crowd-pleasing DJ sets
  •  ...and much more, including lessons on cue juggling, phasing, tone play, riding the beats, extending intros and outros, advanced acapella use, delays, gating, elastic beatgridding, power tagging...
What you're going to get...
This is a complete course, delivered online in full HD across over 30 videos, viewable on your computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can learn anywhere. Presented by Phil Morse, the founder of Digital DJ Tips, it has multiple camera angles, on-screen annotations, close-up skill shots, and step-by-step explanations, making it easy to follow and fun! It's everything you need to master "power mixing" in one place. What's more, pay once and it's yours for life, so you can take at your own speed and refer back whenever you want.
Your biggest questions answered:

"I don't really mix at all in my DJing, is it for me?"

Yes! The course carefully explains how to think about and prepare your music to set you up for doing this, then shows you the techniques in a way which anyone can not only copy, but truly understand. So if you're a mobile DJ who doesn't mix, or a beginner, you'll gain just as much from it as experienced "mixing" DJs will.

"Will it work for my style of music?"

Yes! These skills do not depend on you playing any certain style of music. Indeed, the whole point of the course is to teach you to mix anything into anything (we show you using all different types of music from hip hop to rock). Once you know these skills, we guarantee you'll not only be using them on the music you personally play, but be itching to try them with all types of music that you haven't mixed with before, too...

"Will I really be able to do this on my exact set-up?" 

Yes, 100%. You'll see us using the cheapest DJ controllers, flagship DJ controllers, pro DJ booth equipment, and everything in-between. Good DJs can power mix on anything, because it's not the gear that counts, it's the mindset, knowledge and skills. That's what this course is all about - once you know this stuff, you'll be able to do it on all gear. How cool will that be?

"I'm a club DJ, I already know how to mix, is there anything here for me?"

Are you at all dissatisfied with the variety of music you can technically play? Do you wish you could spin a wider choice of tunes across BPMs and genres? Are you secretly jealous of "quick mixing" DJs who can jump from track to track at lightning speed with ease? Then yes, this will change your DJing massively.
Here's what other students are saying about this course:

"Mixing Power Skills was the best DJing course I've taken - bar none..."

“It answered all of the questions that I had such as how to change genres and create awesome sets, and even how to do things such as mixing unmixable songs. I'd go as far to say that this course even borders on how to start thinking (and mixing) like a producer. Also, a special shout-out to Phil - the enthusiasm he shows in teaching this course is completely contagious.” - Steve Gold

"Don't be a good DJ when you can learn here how to be an even better DJ..."

"I was wondering how my favourite DJs make those switches that leave you in awe. How is it possible to do those transitions that are high risk/high reward for maximum impact? I got the answers and a lot more on top. Don't be a good DJ when you can learn here how to be an even better DJ. Your money and trust placed in this course will be rewarded several times over. Quite simply you won't regret it." - Aatish Pattni 

"I'm excited to finally truly enjoy the open format nature of my gigs..."

“As a mobile jock I've been really looking forward to a course like this. I've known for a long time that I've been too focused on proper 'mixing' rather than the 'right song, right time' idea because I just couldn't bear the thought of a mix sounding bad. With this course, I'm excited to finally be able to bridge that gap and truly enjoy the open format nature of my gigs." - Gabriel Browne

"Wow, brilliant! This is what we have all been waiting for..."

"What can I say mind blown! Wow, brilliant! This is what we have all been waiting for! How to really DJ right there! There is nothing left to say apart from 'You need this'...." - Antony Pegler
Just like with all of our DJ training courses, Mixing Power Skills comes with our cast-iron, no questions asked, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
What's in the course...
Core training (25 videos)
  •  Five modules (Intro, Preparation, Beyond Beatmixing, BPM & Genre Changes, The Unmixable)
  •  Four advanced beatmixing techniques, including LFO/multitrack filtering, using vertical fader/EQs, correct timing for clean mixes
  •  Four acapella live remixing techniques, covering using delay/echo, loops and gating
  •  Four tricks with two copies of the same track: Chorus echo, phasing, beat mash and remixes
  •  Four cue juggling skills, including tone play and tromboning
  •  Six ways to change BPM, covering one-beat delay, one-beat loop, delay tap, loop tempo, stabbed loop tempo and double/half speed mix
  •  Three ways to switch genre, using compatible keys, remixes, and similar/matching elements
  •  Three ways to "mix the unmixable" - the beatgrid method, riding the beats, manual loop beatmix
  •  Three quick/pop mixing techniques - in/out mix, extending intros/outros, one-bar mix
Bonuses (22 videos)
  •  Hour-long demo mix (annotated and unannotated)
  •  15 follow-along practice demos
  •  Pro techniques deconstructed (two videos)
  •  Three foundation lessons on counting, phrasing and manual beatmixing
  •  Full course tracklisting (83 tracks)
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