Always wanted to make music, but never had the time, money or gear? Here's a SIMPLE way to make your first tune, to pro standard, fast...
What you'll learn...
  • ​Our new, easy way to make dance music from the very start, quickly and painlessly, on JUST your laptop. By the end of this easy course you'll have followed along with us and made a real track, and be 100% ready to go ahead and start making your own productions...
  • ​The BIGGEST secret: How to create a "song map" for ANY type of music, saving hours or even days of effort and uncertainty at the start of every track you make...
  • ​The tricks that allow ABSOLUTELY ANYONE to write melodies, basslines, breakdowns, drops and fills, and build drum and percussion patterns quickly and easily, creating pro-sounding music time after time
  • ​How to speed up the production process using professional loops, samples and sounds
  • ​Just enough (and no more) about musical keys, scales, note values, chords, time signatures, bars and beats, to change your life - without you having to spend half your life learning it all!
  • ​An incredible side effect of all of this? Along the way you'll actually learn how drum racks, Midi synths/instruments, automation, plugins, effects, mixers, EQ, compression, reverbs, delays, limiters and much more work... you'll no longer be mystified by production software
  • ​Stupidly simple shortcuts to professionally mixing your finished track, making all your elements sound great together... and a super-fast way to "master" your track, making it sound good enough to test in your DJ sets...
  • ...and much much more!
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What you're going to get...
Music Production For DJs is a complete video course of 50 clear, concise and tested video lessons, delivered online in full HD, viewable on your computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can learn anywhere. With "over the shoulder" screen recordings, detailed follow-alongs, plus downloadable supporting documents, it's everything you need in one place. What's more, pay once and it's yours for life, so you can take it at your own speed and refer back to it whenever you want.
Your biggest questions answered...

"I have absolutely no musical knowledge at all - I mean, none!"

Nearly all the producers filling the dance charts have absolutely zero formal musical training - it's true! All any beginner needs to know in order to quickly make great sounding beats and melodies is included in the course, and taught from the ground up simply and clearly. Don't worry.

"Don't I need expensive hardware and software to be able to make music?"

No! Just your laptop and any version of the Ableton Live software . In fact, the $99 version is more than good enough, but don't worry - we'll talk you through all the options in the course. Look at it this way - with this launch offer, you're saving more than enough to go and buy the software...

"I'm not even a DJ yet, can I still take it?" 

Yes! As long as you love music and want to be a producer, it's for you. Indeed, you can learn both skills alongside each other, no problem. And if you want to be a DJ/producer, this is actually one of the best ways of doing it. Many people learn to produce first, and to DJ second, too.

"I know what genre I want to produce. Will it teach me to make my type of music?"

Yes, All the skills are completely transferable. We show you from start to finish how to make a typical modern dance tune, and once you know the skills, you can make anything at all you want - deep house, EDM, hip hop, pop, trap, techno, trance, you name it...
Your FIRST valuable bonus is a professional sample pack from Beatport Sounds, exclusive to this course. It is packed full of hundreds of sounds and loops to base your first productions on, including all the sounds you need to complete the track we build together in the training. Using professional sounds and loops to quickly build out your productions is one of the biggest secrets of dance music production today,  and indeed, you could produce stacks of tracks using only what you get for FREE in this bonus.
Your SECOND valuable bonus is free professional mastering of your first three finished productions  with leading online mastering service LANDR. Mastering is what gives pro productions the volume and sheen that bedroom producers simply can't match, and with this bonus, you'll be able to make sure your first productions sound just as good as your favourite tracks from top artists.  
What other students are saying about this course:

"Can't read or write music? No problem..."

If you are serious about producing then you need this practical course. Can't read or write music? No problem as you'll be shown how to overcome this barrier. Stuck wondering how to use compressors, reverb etc? The essentials are broken down for you. I am having a lot more fun and not tripping up constantly on all the various aspects of producing a track. - Aatish, Germany

"For everyone from beginner to more advanced..."

I was already using Ableton for producing and already have some productions done, but when you know the basics you have to add to your skills to progress, and your course is pretty amazing for this. I would really say it's for everyone from beginner to more advanced. Thanks for everything! - Mattia Nicoletti, Italy

"It increased my skills, knowledge, confidence & passion for producing"

The course broke it all down into simple steps never causing me to feel overwhelmed. Instead, it increased my skills, knowledge, confidence, and passion for producing. Benefits are noticeable immediately: better DJ sets, an increased knowledge of and appreciation for music, setting yourself apart from other DJs, more gigs, greater respect, to name a few. - Lauren Andio, Colorado, USA

"Thanks for helping me produce my first song!"

I am a mobile DJ and I thought it would be great to produce music of my own. I didn't have any experience in making music at all, but the course has a good structure, well explained by the tutors. It was awesome - I have learned some basic producing skill that I now intend to use on a song that is completely made by me. Thanks for helping me produce my first song! - DJ Maykel Met, The Netherlands

"Being able to now confidently label myself as a DJ/producer has been huge for getting bookings..."

Right from the first module of the course I found myself listening to music in a whole different way, realising all the little things that my favourite artists were doing and building off of that knowledge to create my very own tracks. The lessons are very easy to understand and cut right to the chase with very little fluff, which gets you producing at an amazingly fast rate. I wasted zero time and money finding out which programs and samples to use to get me started.

Being able to to now confidently label myself as a DJ/producer has been huge for getting bookings. I have remixed a lot of tracks already and have almost finished my first all-new individual track. I'm now getting noticed! I recommend this course to anyone at all, even if this is your first step into the DJ/producer role. - DJ Kaz (The KriptoKnights), Canada
Just like with all of our DJ training courses, Music Production for DJs comes with our cast-iron, no questions asked, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
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