DJ Rasp gives you the lowdown on incorporating scratching into any DJ set, from weddings to raves, clubs to private events - here's how...
You know those DJs who effortlessly incorporate scratches into open format sets, like Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, Grandmaster Flash and Mixmaster Mike? Switching genres and BPMs like that is easy when you know how!

Your tutor DJ Rasp is not only a world-class champion scratch DJ, but plays 100s of open-format gigs a year in clubs & bars, and here across 20 lessons and demos he reveals all the secrets to using scratch skills effectively in ANY DJ set...
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A true party rocker behind the decks, Rasp made a name for himself on the battle scene winning eight British DJ Titles (DMC and IDA champion). You can find him captivating crowds in clubs and events worldwide, with the perfect balance of musical selection, showmanship and technical skills - a true open format DJ. He's a passionate teacher working both with us and the world-renowned School of Electronic Music in Manchester, England...

Open Format Scratch Mixing is the perfect course if you're looking to take your scratch skills to the next level. It teaches ten open-format scratch techniques over 30 HD video lessons: 
  • Lesson 1: “Attention Grabbers” - How To Kick Off Your DJ Sets With Style ​(14 techniques) - In this lesson DJ Rasp talks through all the go-to techniques he uses to kick off his open-format DJ sets and teaches you step by step how to do them. You don’t need any advanced skills here, this is all about using simple scratches like the Baby, Forward and Chirp, but with precise timing and rhythm, to be able to make an instant impression. There’s also a new combo for you to learn here, “The March”, let’s go!
  • Lesson 2: Transitions: Scratching In Your Next Track (14 techniques)​ - In open-format DJ sets, you’re constantly moving around between BPMs and genres, and oftentimes jumping back & forth between decades, so you’ll be learning here how to use scratches to “drop in” you next track, no matter what the genre or BPM. There are loads of examples here including beatmixed and non-beatmixed so you’ll never be stuck for a scratch flourish to slam in the next track.
  • Lesson 3: Transitions: Scratching Out Of Your Current Track (14 techniques) - This lesson builds on what you learned in the last lesson, but now as well as scratching IN your next track, you’ll also be scratching OUT the current playing track. You’ll learn how to identify and utilise elements of the outgoing tracks that are just “made to be scratched” with, and numerous ways of how to use them. Again there are examples here of transitions in the same BPM, with beatmixing, and also examples of how to “scratch out” between BPMs and genres, too.
  • Lesson 4: Performing Scratches Over Other Tracks In Your DJ Sets (9 techniques) ​- In this lesson you’ll learn the golden rules you need to follow to make sure your scratches compliment your set, finding the “sweet spots” in popular tracks to be able to scratch over, how to get levels right, what scratch sounds to use, and the particular timings you need. Plus you’ll get tips on scratching with faster tempos, including the killer “half tempo” secret to being able to scratch in time over super fast tempos such as Trap and Drum & Bass.
  • Lesson 5: Using Hot Cues With Scratching In Your DJ Sets (13 techniques) - Cue points (hot cues) are a useful tool in modern DJing, especially when you use scratches in your DJ sets. Here Rasp teaches you all the ways he utilises this feature to speed up his workflow and perform techniques that weren’t possible before hot cues existed. You’ll learn how to always have your favourite scratch sound at your fingertips, how to “scratch loop” with vocals and beats. He reveals his “Transformer hack” where you use cues to help you perform slick Transformer scratches and how cue points can get you started easily with the impressive skill of beat juggling.
  • Lesson 6: Using “Trick Mixing” Snare Cuts To Create Live Remixes (6 techniques) ​- “Trick Mixing” is a term used to describe rhythmic performance techniques using two copies of the same track. It’s most effective when you use tracks that people are familiar with and by “chopping” drum sounds to create live remix effect, it adds spice to the original version to create a live remix version personal to you and your DJ sets. You’ll learn how by adding addition “chops” of the snare or clap in a track at precisely the right point in the track’s bar structure, creates the illusion of much more complex-sounding rhythms than what you are actually doing. There’s on-screen bar counters to help you nail all the impressive techniques taught here using house and pop tracks.
  • Lesson 7: Using Fader Techniques To Perform Impressive Mix Transitions (4 techniques) - In this lesson, you’ll be bringing the fader hand techniques that you've mastered in learning to scratch, and using them to create impressive effects in your mixes and transitions. There’s no scratching going on here, this is all about repurposing those fader skills to make your mixing sound funky and accomplished. You’ll be using transformer fader cuts over loops, samples and acapellas to create live mashups and clever blends that can be used in any type of DJ set and with any genre of music.
  • Lesson 8: Moving Up & Down In BPM Using Scratches & FX ​(2 demos) - Open-format DJ sets not only require you to move seamlessly between genres, but also to be able to shift up and down in tempo (BPM) without being trapped by having to beatmix. In this lesson you’ll learn how to incorporate scratches, loops, cue points, filters and reverb FX into stransitions that shift both up and down in BPM. These killer tools take advantage of digital technology such as keylock, sync and wide tempo fader ranges, which, when you add in the “special sauce” of some choice scratches, creates endless possibilities for jumping around the tempo range with style.
  • Lesson 9: Scratching With Acapellas To Create Live Mashups (2 demos) ​- Most DJs are satisfied with simply being able to get an acapella mix in time and not “mess” with it, but not so for open format scratch DJs! Acapellas create countless opportunities for creativity in making live mashups and creating impressive transitions, and here Rasp lifts the lid on his tried and tested favourite tricks. You’ll learn how to incorporate cue point transformers and loops with acapellas, how to scratch drums from another track over the top of vocals, how to use features like Loop Roll, Backpins and FX. Plus you’ll learn the timing and counting tricks to ensure your acapellas always stay in time, no matter how much you manipulate and mess with the music.
  • Lesson 10: Advanced "Attention Grabbers" - More Cool Tricks To Use In The Mix (2 demos) - It’s time to step things up a level as we move into more advanced use to scratch and mixing techniques to create mini “signature routines” than can stamp individuality and flair onto any DJ set. You’ll learn more advanced “trick mixing” techniques using two copied of the same track, creating the beat delay effect that looks super-impressive. There’s more snare cuts and cue point transformers here, plus you’ll learn the “silent loop” hack that’s essential for DJs using DVS or moving platters to ensure your cue points always drop at the perfect moment.
  • Follow-along Practice Drills ​- Every one of the 80 techniques & demos in the lessons are separated into special follow-along practice drill videos that you can watch again and again, honing in on the specific techniques to practice. There are slow-motion versions too - these are an invaluable tool to help you nail the skills and get the confidence to use them live.
  • BONUS 1: Latin Hits Shift Up BPM Transition
  • BONUS 2: Latin To Pop Shift Down BPM Transition
  • BONUS 3: Modern Hip Hop To Classic Reggae Pop Genre Change
  • BONUS 4: 90s to 70s Dance Classics Era Change
  • BONUS 5: Rock Classic To Modern House Shift Down BPM Transition
  • BONUS 6: Mellow Pop To Fierce Rap Shift Up BPM Transition
  • BONUS 7: Bass House to Classic Hip Hop Shift Down BPM Transition
  • BONUS 8: 50’s R&B into Modern Hip Hop “Source Play” Transition
  • BONUS 9: 80s Pop To Rap “Element Match” Transition
  • BONUS 10: Rave Classics Outro Chop Transition
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Open Format Scratch Mixing is a video course, taken completely online. Its 30 video lessons are accessible via any web browser, so you can follow any time, anywhere, on phone, tablet or laptop

The material is organised carefully into structured lessons, and your learning is self-paced - buy it now and enjoy it this week, this month, next year - it’s completely up to you.

Direct tutor access

There's direct access to your tutor at every step of the course's nine techniques and 82 video lessons, so you can get personal help when you need it, to speed up your learning. 
Direct tutor access
There's direct access to your tutor at every step of the course's nine in-depth techniques and 80+ video lessons, so you can get personal help when you need it, to speed up your learning. 
Supporting materials
All materials that can help you to master these skills are included, including bonus demos of all the techniques taught. This is truly immersive training.
Unique training portal
Our custom-built training portal lets you mark lessons as complete to track your progress, bookmark lessons you want to come back to and be notified of answers to your questions, by tutors and fellow students.

Supporting materials 

All materials that can help you to master these skills are included, demo bonus lessons to all the techniques taught. This is truly immersive training.

Unique training portal

Our custom-built training portal lets you mark lessons as complete to track your progress, bookmark lessons you want to come back to and be notified of answers to your questions, by tutors and fellow students. 
Join today for $297 (approx £232 / €272*)
There are many choices out there for people wanting to learn to scratch nowadays, from free YouTube videos ("DJ LIKE A PRO IN 5 MINUTES!"), all the way up to university courses that demand years of commitment. So why do so many people choose Digital DJ Tips? Here are three big reasons... 


As well as being an authoritative, respected and globally recognised DJ school, DigitalDJTips.com has since 2010 grown to be one of the biggest DJ tech websites in the world, with 250,000 unique visitors a month, and established and popular YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels with over 750,000 followers. We have a popular weekly live DJ TV show, Tuesday Tips Live, which is watched by as many as 25,000 DJs each episode, and we have a weekly DJ podcast on iTunes and Spotify, "Tales From The Dancefloor" - we even have an Amazon Alexa DJ news channel. We are right where it's happening.


Since we delivered our very first course in 2011, we've put high quality teaching at the heart of what we do. We have a proven system for teaching that's not only clear so beginners can easily follow along, but also thorough, taking students as far as they want to go, right to pro level. We prefer action over theory, and showing over telling, and we understand that coaching is just as important as information - in fact, information on its own is rarely enough! We also understand that our students have limited time, so all our training is designed to get you results fast, and fit around your busy life.


Unlike with the many "one-man band" operations, when you join us, you get much more than just a username and a password. We have a full-time team to making sure you're looked after, and we take our duty of care for you seriously. If you ever need any extra help, with anything from technical stuff to billing enquiries, know that two of our team members are dedicated only to customer support. And of course, with our StudentHub and StudentLive, you get to participate in the biggest DJ school online student network anywhere in the world.

  • When you join us as a paying student, you'll automatically be invited to join our private Student Hub Facebook Group
  • This awesome community is where our students worldwide hang out with tutors from all of our courses and get to ask questions, receive help, be held accountable, and engage with our wider family - 22,443 students in 163 countries
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  • You'll also be invited to our monthly StudentLive live remote classroom sessions, where students from all of our courses get to meet up along with one or more of our tutors.
  • Ask live questions, get insights, share triumphs and challenges - it's like being in a real classroom, but the classroom comes to you!
  • Join as many or few of these sessions as you like - they're even recorded, so you can follow along when it suits
We have 22,443 students in 163 countries. Here is some recent feedback from some of them...

"I can finally scratch to the standard I’m happy to use in my DJ performances...

 I wanted to learn to scratch so I can implement into my own personal style and performances but I had always struggled because there are so many tutorials out there...the basics seemed too difficult. 

I took Steve's course which teaches you in a very methodical and easy to learn way, and now I can finally scratch to the standard I’m happy to use in my DJ performances. It’s made me a much better all-round DJ, it's such fun to be able to drop in some scratching combos and transitions! 

I especially loved the combos cookbooks too. Thanks guys. :)" - Andy Fermo, Noosa, Australia

“It's given me the confidence to scratch tastefully during my sets...

Scratching was kind of the last frontier on my DJing wish list and taking this course helped me reach that goal of being a well rounded DJ. It's given me the confidence to scratch tastefully during my sets and add that additional skill & flavour to my DJ tool kit. 

I loved the comprehensive step-by-step focus including beginner scratches (baby scratch, etc) all the way through advanced ones (flares, etc), and the one on one feedback from Steve sealed the deal. Having ongoing access to this has been crucial to building confidence and getting better.

I recommend this course because you'll be given all the tools you'll need to learn how to scratch properly and effectively. If you don't learn it, it won't be because of the course. ;)" - Simon "DJ Taiga" Tai - Los Angeles, USA

"The video lessons are so easy to follow, without having to have ANY prior knowledge of scratching...

I heard DJs scratch and beat juggle with no idea how they did it, I just knew it sounded awesome! I wanted to learn the skills so tried YouTube videos but I couldn't find videos that broke the skills down completely. You had to have some base skills already, or people were not willing to fully divulge their secrets on their techniques. I was frustrated - like anyone, I feel my time is valuable, so I want to get the most out of every minute of practice without wasting time.

I had taken a few classes from DDJT already, so I was familiar with how the classes worked, etc so I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for the course!! 

The video lessons are so easy to follow, without having to have ANY prior knowledge of scratching. Each skill is broken down into tons of little videos to learn a little bit at a time, then build on it. The amount of topics and skills covered in this class blows me away, and additional content and skills keep getting uploaded.

One of the BEST parts of this course is the direct contact Steve (as well as all the other scratching members) where I can get next day feedback for any question I have. Steve is a tremendous teacher, and he has no ego, so you can ask anything, and he will not make you feel little or dumb for not knowing. 

I am so happy I finally enrolled in this class. I continually go there for inspiration and continued learning. Like any other DDJT class, it is there when I have time for it, which I love. I would easily pay DOUBLE for this course!" - Mevin Magrini, California, USA

“This was something I wanted to learn for no other reason than I just wanted to...

I tried a few times to scratch bit it seemed too difficult to pick up - my attempts sounded like garbage...lol! This was something I wanted to learn for no other reason than I just wanted to, and as a DJ, only my creativity could limit me, so why not have more tools? 

I took the course because I wanted to know how much I didn't know about scratching, understand how much I had to learn, and how to go about it - with a structured formula. I knew from the quality of another course I took from DDJT that I didn't need to look anywhere else and once I got into it, it was exactly as I had expected. I started learning the breadth of what was out there, and started with what I needed to know and what it was all called (baby, etc.) so I could begin applying it even after the first few lessons.

I still wont call myself a scratch DJ, but I use a chirp and baby scratch well and in time so that it sounds right when I use it. I also make great use of the scratch sounds occasionally when I feel adventurous, and I don't sound as foolish as I used to.  

A person can accomplish anything when they "want" to... so this course shows you how to do it, and how to practice to get there, so anyone that really "wants" to can and will get there. This isn't a watch and absorb by osmosis course - you have to put the practice in.

I honestly didn't think I would get it as easy with my big clunky hands! So if I can learn it, anyone can, and I completely see how to get where the Redbull/DMC people are at, with more practice, but at least I see the path." - Michael Gerth - Chicago, USA

"After a week or two of lessons the feeling was amazing...

I was learning really fast and enjoyed every challenge the course had to offer. First things first, I can now scratch! Learning to scratch brought a lot of feeling of 'control' over my music for me. Before this course I didn't really touch the 'turntables' of my controller at all but now I use them all the time and with confidence. It really brings a whole new element to my DJing." - Tuomas Helander, Helsinki, Finland

“To my surprise this course greatly improved my scratching, teaching me where I was going wrong...

The videos and explanations are very clear and concise. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, if you just got your first controller, or you come from vinyl/DVS and just need an excellent refresher, this course teaches the technique that’s transferrable to any gear. My scratching has improved hugely, no more 'slave' to the BPM... This is the one to take!" - Ricardo Thomas - New York, USA
Just like with all of our DJ training courses, Open Format Scratch Mixing comes with our cast-iron, no questions, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back - the risk is all ours. 

If at any time in your first year of ownership you decide it's not for you (for absolutely any reason), just tell us and we'll refund you with a smile. Nobody else offers a guarantee like this.
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