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Good use of distinctive samples will make your DJing stand out, which can be a great way to impress promoters, managers and bookers and so get bigger and better DJ bookings.

Every DJ understands the power of using samples in their DJ sets. Whether you want to use them to scratch, for drops, to dabble in controllerism, or just to add some “spice”, using your own unique samples makes you stand out from the crowd and adds an impressive new DJing skill to your repertoire.

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of creatively using samples in your DJing with sounds that you know are totally individual to you, safe in the knowledge that no-one else on the planet is using them in the same way. It adds a whole new level of creativity to your performance – and quite simply, makes you a better DJ.

By making your own personalised “set” or “sentence” of samples compiled together on one track, you can use your own unique samples on absolutely any gear – whether you are using a laptop, a controller, CDJs, USB or DVS. And as you’re about to see, you don’t even need to be a producer to be able to make your own. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

Our brand new online video course, Make Your Own Sample Sets, blows the lid on this whole technique, from beginning to end Presented by Digital DJ Tips tutor Steve Canueto – the guy behind our bestselling Scratching For Controller DJs course – it takes you step by step from complete beginner to being able to compile, edit, manipulate and master your very own unique suite of killer samples, then use them in your DJing.

And here’s the best news: This course, which has only ever been made available to owners of our far more expensive training courses and privately to our subscribers, is now for the first time on full public sale.

A closely guarded secret of the biggest DJs… until now

Pro DJs have been compiling and using their own sample sets using this technique for decades, so whether your ultimate aim is to get better paid gigs, or just to have more fun with your DJing, you need to know how to do this.

If you’ve ever seen DJs use personalised samples and wondered how they do it, or thought “I’m not a producer so I can’t do that” well, we’re going to take you by the hand and show you not only that it’s possible for you to do it, but that you can do this quickly and painlessly – while having a massive amount of fun along the way too!

Following the same proven formula of our other courses including our thousands-selling How To Digital DJ Fast course, the Make Your Own Sample Sets course is designed to show you clearly and practically exactly what you need to know to produce powerful, professional and unforgettable sample sets.

A testimonial about our training…

Lance“As a budding EDM producer, I felt that picking up some DJ skills might come in handy. Phil’s How to Digital DJ Fast course turned out to be a really enjoyable, effective, and affordable solution. I liked his approach so much that I jumped on the Scratching for Controller DJs class as soon as they announced it.

The instruction is patient, logical, and most importantly delivered in digestible chapters that allow you to practise and proceed at your own pace. These courses have allowed me to work on a few new skills whenever some free time presents itself. I found that YouTube tutorials just aren’t the way to go… too much time wasted searching for actual quality instruction and weeding through sketchy information for a useful nugget. Phil and Steve’s professional instruction and years of valuable experience are well worth the investment.

– Lance Miller (“Osmotic”) Bethlehem, USA

Why the Make Your Own Sample Sets course is unique

We know how frustrating it can be trying to follow so-called “tutorials” so we have adopted the same engaging and successful step-by-step teaching method used to teach thousands of students previously to ensure you learn exactly what you need to know to do this – and fast.

The Make Your Own Sample Sets course doesn’t waste your time with technical jargon about sampling and music production, or assume that you know how to spot a great sample, or talk to you as though you know how to edit and master music. Instead, we take you by the hand and inspire you to think creatively about your music, produce awesome sample sets and learn invaluable new skills such as editing and mastering. Teaching it in this way has never been done before, and we’re sure you’ll love the results.
Our video training courses have helped almost 50,000 DJs over the last four years to ditch all the unnecessary stuff and get right to what counts: Nailing the skills and getting in front of real audiences, where the genuine learning happens. Literally thousands of DJs have had their first taste of playing in public thanks to Digital DJ Tips training – and the How To Make Your Own Sample Sets course teaches this useful new skill set in exactly the same way.

A previous testimonial…

Kevin“Steve, I have to give you mad props! Your teaching skills are very clear and concise and I never thought I was going to get this! I never thought I’d get past the basics for that matter, but after practising I’m feeling very good right now with this scratch combination. Thanks again! Keep up the fantastic teaching!”

Kevin “DJ K-Sity”, Chicago, USA

How the course works

The Make Your Own Sample Sets course is an online video course delivered to you entirely in your web browser, on your tablet or smartphone, at a pace that suits you. Once you buy you get instant access to all the videos on a special website that you can access anywhere, at any time, for life.

Designed for all digital DJs whatever software you’re using, and for all levels from beginner to pro, the course is filmed in full-screen high-definition, and comprises studio footage, screencasts, close-up controller angles and digital editing software and DJ software waveform clips, to reveal the need-to-know techniques of sample compiling & editing. It’s all you need to learn to produce your own sample sets – for just one single payment.

So if you want to take positive control over your DJing career and push yourself forward with a solid new skill instead of dreaming about it, then take advantage of this strictly limited pre-launch offer for Digital DJ Tips customers and subscribers only, and buy the course today.

The course is yours for an amazing one-off payment of just $197with our famous full 12-month money-back guarantee. So really, what are you waiting for? Click here now to buy immediately, with our cast-iron money-back guarantee.

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A previous testimonial…

Mark“Digital DJ Tips have done a great job of putting out high quality self-paced courses for DJs of any level. Great HD video, knowledgeable tutors and great step-by-step tutorials made it a joy to take their courses. They take their craft seriously and their way of instructing is suited from the absolute beginner through to old dogs like me! It proves you are never to old to learn new tricks! If Digital DJ Tips comes out with another course on a subject I believe I could benefit from, I’ll be signing up yet again. Always great value for money.”

Chuck “DJ Vintage” van Eekelen, The Netherlands

How you’ll benefit by taking the Make Your Own Sample Sets course

Say farewell to fear of not understanding samples or being able to make your own. Get over this hurdle and learn everything you need to know to start making your own awesome sample sets! This course will show you how to:

  • Compile, produce and master your own totally individual sets of samples in one track – Or, as many tracks as you want to create! Once you have your samples compiled in this way they will be with you forever and for anywhere, usable on any DJ set up including CDJs and USB DJing. In 20 years time you’ll still be using your ‘old faithful’ sets of samples!
  • Learn how to edit using audio editing DAW software – We’ve demystified this often daunting procedure to teach you, in detailed tutorials, how to import your source tracks, isolate and extract your samples, level and manipulate your sounds and export to your “sample bank” using free-to-download editing software
  • Understand the principles of sampling and why it’s such an awesome DJ tool – Learn the history behind sample “sentences” or “sets”and how they’re made as we deconstruct famous examples to uncover the secrets of identifying and choosing effective samples
  • Ensure that your DJ sets are memorable and highly individualized – The inventive use of samples, especially including your own DJ name, demonstrates that you are a creative DJ, that you are a performer, and that you take the time to hone your craft more than others. For that you’ll be remembered, remarked upon and most importantly, booked again!
  • Identify cool sounds for samples in your own collection – We’ll show you how your own music collection is by far the richest source for potential sample sounds. We take you through many examples of tracks that contain fantastic vocal phrases, beats, stabs, raps, loops and others that are just crying out to be liberated and mashed up by you and inspire you to plunder your own collection for source material
  • Get DJ drops and jingles to include in your sample set – This is probably the best tool to set you apart, add individuality and personality to your sample set and ensure that the crowd always knows your name! We show you a few cool ways of getting totally personalised DJ drops, jingles and samples from the internet for free, and from professional companies
  • Blow your audience away with awesome performance techniques – You’ll learn how to use samples with FX, filters, cue points, scratching and more to take your DJing to the next level and to perform pro tricks like live vocal “juggling” and mash ups
  • Unleash your “inner remixer” – Once you’ve learnt how to edit tracks and make loops, you’ll never have to hear a track and think “I wish the intro was longer” or “I love the track but don’t like the rap bit in the middle” or “it takes too long to get to the breakdown” – you will stop hearing your tracks as finished products and hear them as having potential to be improved, sampled and restructured in any way that you want
  • Spark creativity to help you be a better DJ, and maybe even be a producer – This course gets you to think about your music, all music, and anything else that makes a sound, in a totally new way. This creative approach is at the centre of DJing and producing, and you never know – one of your favourite samples could form the basis of your first big hit tune!
  • Stamp your individuality on your DJ sets – Imagine how powerful a DJ tool it is to load up a track that has a heap of samples in it that are ALL your own killer sounds, in exactly the order you want! Once you’ve mastered your own samples into one track they will be the most powerful tool in your DJ weaponry and can be your “calling card” at every gig
  • Create an invaluable library of sample sounds of your own – The process of extracting and mastering individual samples to be used in your “set” creates a powerful by-product, a potentially massive collection of individual samples and sounds filed in your “sample bank”. Hugely useful if you make the move to utilizing sample slots and remix sets, or producing your own music

As you can see this course is so much more than just “playing samples”, this is about unleashing your creativity, asserting your individuality and learning some essential new skills which will be invaluable in your DJ career.

Ever dabbled with samples and found them too fiddly and difficult to control? Tried to edit your own samples and failed miserably? Watched an awesome controllerism performance and wondered “how did he do that?!” Ever said to yourself “I can’t create my own samples because I don’t know how to produce music?” Yes? Then the How To Make Your Own Sample Sets course is waiting to show you all of this and much more!

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A previous testimonial…

Gianni“Instead of getting lessons or buying a book, I subscribed to your course and just started teaching myself with your guidance. That was eight months ago and earlier this month, myself and a few other DJs not only played at an event, but organized it ourselves and got a raving turnout, many of whom came up to us later saying how great it was, and I am now landing gigs at different venues too!

Long story short, I don’t think I could have done it without inspiration from you guys, and that pretty well everything you do is spot on. A big thanks to the Digital DJ Tips crew!

You showed me that nothing is impossible, and you’re probably way more ready than you think. In the words of Phil… push your boundaries – you won’t get better in your comfort zone!

– DJ ACG, St Augustine, USA

What’s in the course: Video-by-video through the material

You’ll benefit from many hours of carefully structured video training, broken down logically, into bite-sized chunks that you can go away and practise after watching. Here’s what to expect on the other side:

  1. Introduction to the course – We welcome you to the course and show you a demo of what fun can be had with your own samples before outlining exactly what to expect from the rest of the material
  2. What they are and where to get them – Here you’ll learn about the scratch DJ origins of sample sets used in “scratch battle” situations and get a few pointers as to where you can find some of your own. You are here to produce your own of course, but it’s worth getting some others in your collection to inspire you before you get started
  3. How to find samples in your own collection – Your own music collection is the easiest and most plentiful source of material for samples. In this video we dissect the famous “Super Duck Breaks” sample sentence to discover where the sounds originated from and show you how to delve through your own collection and find the hidden gems. Plus tips on using iTunes to build your catalogue of killer sample candidates
  4. How to get unique DJ jingles from voice generation software – Your sample set won’t be complete without some personalised jingles, drops and shout outs. In this video we see how you can get some entry-level examples by recording voice generation software from the web
  5. How to get unique DJ drops made professionally – Having your own bespoke professional DJ drops and jingles made can really set you apart and are a great source of material to include in your sample sets. We cover writing the scripts, and talk you through the process of buying inexpensive jingles & drops from two online channels
  6. How to prepare your editing software – It’s time to get to grips with editing, and for that you’ll need editing software. We show you how to download the free software, get it set up, open and ready to start slicing up your samples!
  7. How to extract simple samples – Newcomer to editing? This video gives you all the detailed information you need to import your track then isolate, extract and normalise the samples and export to your new “sample bank”. With on-screen instructions for keyboard shortcuts, and with super-zooms into the key detail, this is your in-depth introduction to editing
  8. How to extract more tricky samples – Moving on to more advanced sample extraction, this video gives numerous examples of how to isolate and extract tricky sounds and phrases buried deep within surrounding audio and overcome some of the difficulties with more complex “extractions”
  9. How to manipulate and twist up your samples – Advancing further into editing techniques, we show you how to speed up and slow down your samples, both changing and retaining the pitch, to create twisted incarnations of the original sample to add a further dimension of individuality to your sample set
  10. How to create loops – Not all DJ software allows you to save and use loops, so learning this editing skill is a great way for you to be able to make your own loops to use in your sample sentence, or in any way you like!
  11. How to compile and master your samples into one set – We show you how to mine your “sample bank” and drop your samples into the editing software, learning how to copy, paste, move and overlap your samples to create totally unique new sentences and phrases. Then we take you through spacing and pacing of your sounds and finally show you how to master your sample set in readiness to drop into your DJ software
  12. Importing into your DJ software and some tips on use – You’ll learn how to get your sample sentence into your software and teach you the first mantra of sample sets “learn it back to front”. In the same way as your music collection you will need to know your sample sets intimately to get the best creative use from them
  13. Using cue points for stabs, drops and juggling – Cue points are without doubt the most useful tool to help you get the most out of your freshly mastered sample sentence. In this video we show you how to get tight precision in your cue placement (essential for “juggling”) and explore other ways in which cue points can inspire the creative process and having you mashing up your samples in no time!
  14. Using effects to enhance your sounds – Unleashing the power of effects in DJ software can take your sampling and scratching to stratospheric levels. We look at various effects in this video that are available on all software platforms, showing you how to create cool effects with your samples
  15. Incorporating scratching – Let’s face it, everyone wants to scratch with their favourite sounds and in this final video we look at some of the ways that you can combine samples and cue points with scratching to give you a real creative boost
  16. A demo with scratching – Showing you how much fun you can have by adding scratching to your repertoire of skills and incorporating your personal sample sets for maximum impact.

A previous testimonial…

Oliver“On several occasions I wanted to comment on the wonderful course you guys have set up, so now is the occasion. I really enjoyed the course and went through it several times. It helped me to master skills that I only played around with before. The course made me stick to it and complete it. Thank you!”

– Oliver R, Frankfurt, Germany

We’re so excited by what you will get out of this course. It’s all very well buying sample packs and pre-made sample sets but until you start to understand the creative process, they will never be any more than just source material with no meaning. In the same way your tunes don’t mean much as a collection but once used in “sets” creatively become so much more than the sum of their parts. Once you get started creating your own sample sets you’ll be hooked!

A sneak video preview…

Here, Steve Canueto – Digital DJ Tips tutor and co-presenter of the course – talks you through what you get once you have your login to give you an overview of the course, showing the amount of material included, the high quality of the videos and the proven method of training.

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A previous testimonial…

KK“I checked out this course and I only wish I had this kind of tuition when I was starting out – it would have saved me years of agony! This method is perfect for the beginner, breaking everything down into easy to follow lessons. Anyone who wants to add new skills to their DJing should definitely give it a go.”

– Krafty Kuts, London, UK

Is it worth the money?

A single day in a music production college may cost you $500, $750, $1000… so in one sense, there is no question. But even though the low price of just $197 is incredible for what you get, here’s what’s really important: If this course was just another set of “tell you what to do” techniques without showing you precisely how to do it, another lightweight program that just leaves you out of pocket and even more frustrated, it wouldn’t matter what the price is – it wouldn’t be worth it!

But if you can know with complete certainty that every sample set you make is going to help you towards successfully achieving your goal, whether to break into controllerism, to play in a bigger, better venue, or do a mixtape that your friends finally say in total honesty “that was amazing!”, or to have your fellow DJs jealously asking you how you did it, or to learn the skills required to edit your own tracks, or get inspiration to finally move into music production, or give you the goosebumps on your arms or the hairs standing up on the back of your neck as you realise you’ve discovered a truly special sample combination… what is that actually worth to you?

We can’t put an exact figure on it – only you can do that. But we can tell you this: At this ridiculously low price, this program is incredible value for money and a firm investment in your DJing future.

Remember: To get your creativity and individuality in DJing off on this exciting new track, you need to act now as this is only available for a short time at this discount. It’s easy: To buy your lifetime access to the Make Your Own Sample Sets course, just click here for instant delivery.

Look! A 100%, risk-free 12-month guarantee

If you decide for whatever reason at all that the Make Your Own Sample Sets is not for you, just let us know and we’ll refund you with a smile. We’ll just be glad you had the confidence in us to give it a go. Many of the people who’ve refunded previous courses have gone on to become great friends of the site! We promise you we won’t be offended ;). So you’ve really got absolutely nothing to lose by taking us up on this offer right now.

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So now we’ve told you about this no-risk way to substantially turbo-charge your creative DJing skills for increased success (and masses more fun), the next move is up to you.

We know that if you’ve read this far, you have a strong interest in using the Make Your Own Sample Sets course to add this valuable skill to your DJing technique, just as you’ve always wanted to. All that’s left is for you to make it happen.

If you want to feel that buzz that you you have created and produced something totally unique to you… if you want to then use this to turbo-charge your mixtapes and DJ sets… if you want to have the best chance of then repeating that in front of bigger, better audiences… if you want people to stop ignoring your sets and start asking you about them… if you want to dig yourself out of a DJing rut… or if you want to simply cash in on your loyalty to Digital DJ Tips (for which we’re sincerely grateful) by taking us up on this offer… for any or all of these reasons, you owe it to yourself to do this! Click here now.



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