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Here’s what you get…

  • Instant access to over five hours of training across 26 detailed videos, so you can start to implement your new skills right away!
  • We take you step-by-step through all the tricks YOU need to know about finding the best music, and how to organise it like a pro once you do.
  • You’ll learn all about the gear, so you understand not only what your own DJ gear does, but what to expect when you turn up at a venue, how to plug in, what you’re expected to bring with you
  • The best mixing techniques you need that will get you through absolutely any DJing situation confidently…
  • How to structure a DJ set and read the crowd so you get them going crazy and begging for more!
  • How to deal with nerves and be confident in getting the crowd on your side when playing in front of people
  • How to properly warm up a night and what to do about empty dancefloors so you never make a fool of yourself!
  • Whether you’re playing a family party, a local bar, or even your first club gig, this course ensures you’ll arrive prepared, and able to perform like a pro, right from the very first time
  • … and access is for life, so there’s no time limit on doing it.

Here’s what our students have to say:

The videos are amazing: Comprehensible and clear – there really is nothing on the market like it…

“This is a one-of-a-kind DJ course: I’ve never seen anything like it before, not in terms of content or quality. The videos are amazing: Comprehensible and clear. Most DJ tutorials are just a cam recording the screen or controller, and they barely explain anything right. Yet just 30 minutes of one of these videos covered everything I’ve been trying to learn for the last month and a half, better and clearer. To gain this amount of knowledge would have take me probably another three months of going through 100s of blog posts and YouTube videos. This is perfect for beginner DJs and I am recommending it to all my friends. There really is nothing on the market like it…”

Borja De Las Llanderas (“DJ Larry”), Madrid, Spain

This is everything a beginner digital DJ needs to know in one place.

Marbles ROUND
“I haven’t seen anything like your DJ classes before, and I’m so glad to have been sent the link by a good friend of mine. I’ve learned so much! I’ve pored through the internet for beginners DJ training – but it’s like trying to find diamonds in the rough. This is everything a beginner digital DJ needs to know in one place. After watching the video about collecting music, I can’t wait to start organising my tunes better so that I can access them seamlessly when I need a particular sound. The course draws on what an aspiring DJ would have seen while out clubbing and contains tips that are easy to relate to what we’ve all seen the pros do. It makes it look easy and has given me the confidence to take it by the balls!”

Samantha Blanchard (“DJ Marbles”), London, UK

A Pro DJ says…

darude ROUND
“I think Phil’s crash course in how to become a digital DJ is awesome for aspiring DJs who so far have done it in their bedrooms but who are dreaming of bigger crowds, and who are dreading all the seemingly complicated things that can come with that. The explanations are easily understandable and they clarify your options which should make it easier to decide on what to buy and how to go about getting forward in your career as a DJ – be it local, national or international. Looking back to when I started learning DJing, this kind of video series would’ve helped me tremendously.”

International DJ/producer Darude (“Sandstorm”)

I have gained the confidence to land my first gig playing at the student lounge this upcoming school year!

david-dahl ROUND
“The “How To Digital DJ Fast” series starts from the very beginning, giving tips on how not to blow a bunch of money on gear which is not needed. The skill set I left the series with really was leaps and bounds ahead of what would have come through trial and error. It really makes sure you have the proper foundation to ensure you can DJ at a higher level later on. It will save you money in gear selection, time and frustration! You can spend a whole lot less time looking for this information and a bunch more working on your mixes. I’ve been able to start mixing right after following the course and also I have gained the confidence to land my first gig playing at the student lounge this upcoming school year!”

David Dahl (“DJ DahlaBillz”), Edmonton, Canada

This has saved me the time and effort of seeking out a private instructor…

“It’s hard to learn skills such as beat matching if you have never seen then done before; with these videos, you get three different lessons on how to beat match in different ways! I have read “DJing For Dummies” and various blogs and such, but reading is just that – reading. These videos show you how to DJ in a simple and easy to comprehend manner, no matter your level of experience (none, some, self-taught). You learn every aspect of the job, from where to get music, to what to play, to how to play it, and finally how it all works together. They saved me the time and effort of seeking out a private instructor. At the end, you have learned what you need to know, and then some. Having gained the general skills that any digital DJ needs, I put myself out on the market, and now I DJ for local high school sports team’s pre-game warm ups. It’s not a big job, but I can handle it and it’s all due to the watching the video series. It worked for me, so I know that it can work for anyone.”

Jake Wilson (“DJ Wired”), West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

You can tell that a lot of care and thought goes into this. For a beginner DJ, it’s literally the holy grail…

brandan ROUND
“As a recent convert to digital, I feel much better equipped to play my first gig in a club with a controller after having followed ‘How To Digital DJ Fast’. The videos lay out in clear detail what gear is best, how to select and organize your music, how to play your first tune and how to manually beatmatch like your favorite DJs. They explain how to use tempo control properly, what the sync button really does and how to make all your mixes sound just right.

“This course saved me from spending hours searching for and watching poorly labelled YouTube videos, which, for a beginning DJ like me, is a lifesaver. I especially liked the breakdown of which gear is necessary, and which is not-so-necessary because it saved me a lot of time and money better spent on other things such as the music itself. I spent a good while trying to decide between CDJs, vinyl and a controller and these videos made me feel much more comfortable with digital DJing as a whole. It’s an awesome product, and I love how personal it feels compared to other tutorials. You can tell that a lot of care and thought goes into these. For a beginner DJ, it’s literally the holy grail of how-to’s.”

Brandon Ball, Cool Cats, Washington, DC, USA

More about the course…

PMF Product ShotHow To Digital DJ Fast is delivered online in full HD video, viewable on your computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can learn anywhere. With over five hours of expert training presented by Phil Morse, it’s everything you need in one place.

What’s more, pay once and it’s yours for life, so you can take it at your own speed and refer back to it whenever you want.

Just like with all of our DJ courses, How To Digital DJ Fast comes with our cast-iron, no questions, 12 month money-back guarantee, which gives you more than enough time to get the results or get your money back – the risk is all ours. That’s how confident we are that you’ll get what we’re promising (and then some!) from this course.

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