Earn $1000s As A Wedding DJ


This step-by-step guide, newly updated, shows you exactly how to start and run a highly profitable wedding DJ business


Want to be a successful wedding DJ? To use your music skills to escape a meaningless day job or a boss you hate? Maybe you’re interested in improving your DJing, in earning enough to fund a full-time music industry career, or you want to make the move away from club-style DJing? Wedding DJing can help you to do all of these things. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to make money in DJing – potentially great money.

This newly updated Digital DJ Tips guide lays bare all the steps to becoming a successful wedding DJ using digital DJ gear. You’re about to see how easy it is to charge up to US$1000 or even more for DJing a single wedding – the kind of money most DJs in other fields can only dream of making.

(Let’s forget money for a second. Who hasn’t been asked to DJ a wedding? Maybe you’re here simply because you’ve been booked to play a wedding and are thinking “Help! what do I do next?”. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back too.)

The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ

Using modern digital DJ gear, you can become a successful wedding DJ for a fraction of what it used to cost. This new guide tells you exactly the steps you need to follow - as well as giving you iTunes-ready wedding playlists, business contract templates, gear recommendations, video training and more.

Have you looked for wedding DJ training before?

Then you’ll know why we had to produce this guide! Existing wedding DJ training material is generally extremely dated and, frankly, low quality. Don’t want to be told you have to use bulky, expensive, obsolete gear, by some tired old jock who refuses to move with the times? Nope, neither did we.

But we did wonder – why is there so little good material around to train wedding DJs? Then we had a head-slapping moment: Because the best wedding DJs don’t want you to know how they do it! They don’t want you to know the simple mix of skills you need in order to land these high-paying gigs. After all, they’re too busy doing it themselves, so why would anyone want to teach you the secrets?

You were the reason this guide came about…

The idea for The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ came about because of the high level of interest in a series of articles written for the Digital DJ Tips website by Michael Hughes, himself a high-end wedding DJ.

Michael Hughes

Course creator Michael Hughes has DJed weddings for many years, latterly using digital DJing gear. His experience will help you to get started quickly and successfully.

Michael has one of those “problems” in life that it’s great to have: he is so good at wedding DJing, he actually turns weddings down! Nowadays he chooses only those that pay top whack, or that he knows he’ll particularly enjoy. You see, Michael is a club DJ and a writer too, and nowadays he DJs at weddings mainly because he enjoys doing it, the big money being just a bonus to him. He’s our kind of guy.

When we first met Michael, we were busy launching our first ever DJ training course, How To Digital DJ Fast – a video course that teaches new DJs how to play their first gig in public. (Our numerous courses since have gone on to sell thousands of copies, and help DJs all over the world learn a whole host of skills.)


Meanwhile, Michael had become a fan of Digital DJ Tips, using us to help switch to DJing weddings with modern digital gear. We realised that if we could convince Michael to pour all of his knowledge into a course especially designed to teach digital DJs (whatever level) how to DJ weddings, we’d have a great new resource for our readers. And so The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ came about.

Comprising a 68-page instantly downloadable PDF, plus a members-only website containing sample contracts that you can use on your own business; iTunes-ready wedding music playlists; a bonus video from the author; a valuable hour-long interview with one of American’s top wedding DJs; and industry resources and links, we’re confident this new guide is simply the best way to learn how to set up a wedding DJ business.

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What others have to say…

Marie McKenzieThe Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ provides easy to digest advice and information for anyone with a little DJing experience who wants to build their skills while providing music for people to have a great time during some of the most important moments of their lives. I’m not a wedding DJ yet, but this book provided me with enough basic knowledge, suggestions, and insights into becoming one that I’ll be confident in starting to explore that path.” DJ Marie McKenzie, Winston-Salem, NC

Why you need this guide…

It’s called The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ for a reason – from gear to contracts, itineraries to iTunes playlists, it really does contain all the information you need to get going quickly, and without wasting a single penny on stuff you may think you need but don’t. Here’s what’s included…

What the guide contains


The instantly downloadable guide lays out step-by-step exactly what you need to do to go from beginner to fully functioning wedding DJ... and your first high-fee booking.

  • Exactly how wedding DJing can earn you thousands – which means you can be your own boss, or escape your day job, or find the time to focus on your club DJing career or music production, or just get rich doing something that’s genuinely fulfilling and fun
  • What skills are really needed to be a wedding DJ – and what’s not necessary at all (hint: you don’t need club mixing skills…), so you’ll quickly gain the confidence to give wedding DJing a go and grab your share of the huge annual spend in this sector
  • Precisely what you need to know about the music – Where to get it all from, how to manage your digital music collection, dealing with the bride and groom’s playlists, what never to play – essential information so you can programme any wedding seemingly effortlessly
  • The individual items of equipment you do and don’t need – Forget about the DJ gear of last century. Today’s gear is powerful, light and cheap, which means you can get started more easily, do more with it, and easily pay for your first set-up in just two or three weddings
  • How to set everything up properly – From tables and cables to microphones and mixers, you find out all you need to know to make sure your gear looks and performs well, meaning your set-up appears neat and tidy, and you come across professionally
  • How to handle everyone, from the bride and groom to drunken uncles! – From getting paid on your very first meeting with the couple, to getting the venue staff on your side, to handling inebriated guests, you’ll learn a wealth of hard-won secrets
  • How to emcee a wedding – Michael shows you the right mix of politeness, assertiveness, and excitement to inject on the microphone, plus all the technicalities, ensuring you’ll be confident and in control at all times
  • What actually happens at a wedding – And exactly what you’ll be expected to do at each point. This is crucial information: think of this as a “job description” – it means nobody will ever guess that you’ve never played a wedding before at your first booking
  • How to get more work than you can handle – Michael reveals his methods that have them queueing for his card practically every time he plays, and he also looks at both online and offline marketing, which means you’ll be far more likely to get plenty of bookings

What others have to say…

Kevin (Insatiable Nights)“The conversational style of The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ is extremely easy to follow, and the course is up to date on all aspects. It is clear that the author is well versed in his own experiences and passes on this information very well. As always, the key for anyone new starting up is to get those first few initial gigs, and The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ is highly practical, especially as it includes added tracklists. I would definitely recommend it, especially when taken with the bonus materials on the accompanying website. The laughs along the way are great too!” – Kevin Knowler, “Insatiable Nights” Mobile DJ, Melbourne, Australia

On the bonus website…

The website that accompanies The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ is a members-only site that we’ll keep updated so you’ve always got the latest info at your fingertips. It contains the following resources:

  • Actual wedding DJ contract templates – You can download these and edit them yourself in Microsoft Word or equivalent, which means you’ll have instant, 100% professional documents both to ensure you look the part, and to increase your chance of getting paid without a hitch
  • A bonus wedding playlist – The book already contains playlists that frankly have to be worth the price of the guide alone. (In fact, Michael swears that the one song he recommends you play to close any wedding is itself worth the price of the guide!) But here he gives you an extra playlist, for that all-important first half of the wedding that can set the mood for the whole night
  • Up-to-date links to further resources – Further reading, music websites, DJ communities where wedding DJs hang out, books, software, videos; treat this as our scouring the internet for you so you don’t have to spend hours auditing this stuff yourself
  • A “chat with the author” video – Michael talks freely to camera about some of the areas he touches on in the book and other topics extra to the guidebook’s content. Like the rest of the material on this mini-site, this is not available anywhere else
  • An exclusive audio interview with market-leading wedding DJ Chris Laich – Multi award-winning DJ Chris Laich shares his hard-won experience to help you move past 95% of wedding DJs and become a true pro – with the ability to charge accordingly, like he does
  • Industry links and resources – From record pools to DJ insurance companies, forums to mobile entertainer associations, we’ve collected a whole host of resources to help you continue your learning and advance your wedding DJing career

We are confident that if you have any interest at all in DJing weddings, The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ plus the resources on the bonus website add up to the only guide to wedding DJing that you should even consider spending your money on in 2017.

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What others have to say…

“I am a long-time DJ who is interested in playing more weddings. I’ve done a few, but was in need of some advice on how to improve my performance. After getting this guide, I feel way more confident in my ability to help make any couple’s wedding the best day of their lives. The author does an excellent job communicating the basic principles for building a successful business by using clear examples from his experience. He provides some simple techniques and professional advice that will help new DJs (and the seasoned ones too) get out to gigs as soon as possible without looking and sounding inexperienced. The practical tips for speaking with the right amount of energy for the occasion helped me think about how to approach announcements and my interactions with the crowd for the different portions of a wedding. The “Wedding DJ Survival Guide” section is a must-read for any DJ, new or seasoned, who wants to recover from an emergency without killing the party. I will be recommending The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ to DJs who want to play at weddings and/or enhance their knowledge and technique more generally. I am happy that I took time out to learn from this experienced author and business owner!” – Edward Onaci (“Brotha Onaci”), Philadelphia, USA

“Who isn’t this guide for?”

It’s a good question, and we’re not going to pretend this guide is for everyone. You need to be the kind of person who can put the work in to land an initial wedding, and to commit to obtaining a minimum of gear to get going. But also, it’s probably not the best fit for you if:

  • You want to DJ with a lorry-load of expensive, flash-looking gear – Here’s a secret: Nobody cares, especially not the bride and groom (who, after all, are the ones paying you). But if hiding behind a wall of unnecessary equipment that costs thousands is what you want to do, our guide can’t help
  • You see wedding DJing as somehow less worthy than other kinds of DJing – This guide assumes you love both music and making dancefloors happy. Wedding DJing is different, but no less an art form, than any other type. It can be taught, but you need to respect it and be ready to learn
  • You want to dazzle with club-style beatmixing and blending – Our first course, How To Digital DJ Fast, teaches beatmixing – but the truth is, you really don’t need this skill to DJ weddings. Michael covers the basics – and shows you where to get our other guide if you do want to take it further

Comfortable with the above? Then we’re confident The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ is going to be perfect for you.

Get your copy today!

Wedding DJ

Want to pack dancefloors AND get paid brilliantly to do it? You should add wedding DJing to your skillset by buying this guide today.

This guide is not available anywhere else. To get The Complete 21st Century Wedding Guide – the 68-page instantly downloadable PDF, plus lifetime access to the contracts, playlists, extra video content, bonus hour-long pro DJ interview, and wedding DJ resources – for a single, one-off payment, click here now.

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Remember, this is the modern guide you need…

We already know there are no other guides like this out there. Of course, you could take an expensive DJ school course for many hundreds of dollars – but we bet you’d still only learn a tenth of what you need to know to DJ weddings.

Remember, our guide is focused entirely on getting those high-paid wedding bookings, and still it will cost you less than a round of drinks at an expensive hotel bar where receptions are usually held! (Drinks that you, of course, will be getting for free…)

What others have to say…

“The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ is an informative, easy-to-read guide for any type of DJ looking to expand into wedding DJ entertainment. Many club DJs who end up performing at weddings make the mistake of treating a wedding like a club gig. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and will be very different from DJing in a club or a house party. This guide covers the fundamentals that you need to know about being a successful wedding DJ and will help you avoid costly mistakes often made by many DJs. The sample playlist and forms are invaluable for someone just starting out. I have been a full-time wedding DJ for over ten years and much of the information here was not available when I made the transition from club DJ to wedding DJ. Reading this book will give you a jump start.” – DJ Troy Michael, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Our 12 month money-back pledge

We’re so confident that this is the wedding DJ guide you’ve been looking for, that we’re offering a 12 month money-back guarantee. If you decide you don’t think it’s worth the money, just let us know within 12 months days and we’ll refund your money in full, with no questions and with a smile.

We only want happy customers, and the most important thing to us is that if you think it will be useful to you, that you get to give it a go.


Remember, there’s no other guide like this out there. Don’t wait any longer to discover how you can use wedding DJing to be your own boss, escape your day job, buy the time to focus on your club DJing, or to make a switch from “party DJing”. Don’t miss out – click here today to buy the guide.