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How to Digital DJ Fast

Want to be in the DJ box, not looking up at it? With digital, you can - if you learn the secrets. This course will teach you all you need to know to get the DJ bookings and success you dream of. Pic: Paul Underhill

Digital DJing – DJing with laptops and controllers – has made achieving the “DJ lifestyle” easier than ever.

Do you want to play in your favourite bars and clubs, instead of just going to them? Get on guest lists across town? Be “the DJ” in your circle of friends? Do you dream of playing your favourite tunes to packed dancefloors of people who’ve come just to hear you?

Of course you do! And as you’ve already guessed, digital DJing can get you all of this, more cheaply and more easily than ever was the case for vinyl and CD DJs.

Trouble is though, with all the different systems out there to choose from, as well as digital music, DJing techniques and technical skills to master, it can be almost impossible for you – the new DJ – to know where to start. What gear is right for you? Where do you find the best music? What skills do you need? How do you plug your gear in when you get to the clubs? Hell, what does a DJ even really do nowadays?

Without proper answers to these questions, you’ll find it’s costly, time-consuming and frustrating to get to the stage where you can play a DJ set in public. It often used to take years for vinyl and CD DJs to master the basics, never mind play real gigs – and while it can be easier to get going with digital, you still need to practise the right things in order to do it well enough to play out.

And the harsh truth is that without getting to the stage where you can play confidently in public on your new digital gear, you’re never going to get the success you want. You’ll always be a bedroom DJ, dreaming about it yet getting no closer to it happening for you.

I know all of this because five years ago, I was new to digital too!

How To Digital DJ Fast Club Scene

I've DJed in some of the world's best nightclubs, and this course takes all of that experience and applies it to digital DJing.

Granted, I’d already been a professional DJ for nearly 10 years. I’d DJed at the biggest club in the world (Privilege in Ibiza), run and DJed at my own wildly successful UK club night for over a decade (Tangled in Manchester), and mixed on the radio (for Ministry of Sound internationally and Kiss/Galaxy FM in the UK). I was already living the dream DJ’s life I’d always wanted, and getting paid excellently for it.

But then I realised digital was the future, and knew I had to switch – and suddenly, I felt like I was back at DJ school! It took many, many months to learn how to DJ digitally. Along the way, I ended up writing some of the very first digital DJ lessons and training courses (for IDJ Magazine in the UK) – because those guys understood digital even less than I did at the time! Slowly, through trial and error, I switched to DJing professionally with laptops and controllers… and have never looked back.

Since then, as well as DJing in “normal” clubs, I’ve played in some amazing places with my controller – places where you could never DJ with traditional gear: Beach parties, pool parties, impromptu raves, even in hotel rooms!

I’ve also taught hundreds of DJs how to become a DJ with controllers and laptops, countless of whom have gone on to get gigs and success for themselves. And as founder, publisher and editor of popular and respected DJ website Digital DJ Tips, I continue to help DJs like you to learn, every single week.

I’m Phil Morse, and today I’ve got some exciting news for all beginner digital DJs!

What I’ve got for you

How To Digital DJ Fast Phil Morse

Me DJing at one of my club nights around the time I was making the switch to digital. I can teach you in four weeks.

For the first time, I’ve combined all of my DJing and teaching experience into one comprehensive beginner’s online video course – over four DVDs-worth of invaluable DJ training, aimed at taking you, the complete beginner, right the way to your first public DJ set, in just four weeks! It’s a shortcut to the life of today’s digital DJ, and after months of planning, this long-awaited DJ course is now available.

This isn’t some slickly produced sales video or rehash of your software’s instruction manual – it’s practical pro DJ lessons from someone who’s walked the walk and is passionate about sharing the knowledge.

course highlights

  • You’ll start off learning about the different digital DJing methods, and why there’s only really one right choice for 90% of digital DJs starting out today
  • I’ll help you to spend your money wisely by showing you what’s really important when choosing your gear, and where beginner DJs typically mess up and waste cash. This section alone will probably save you many times the cost of the course
  • A DJ is only as good as his music – so I’ll show you where to find digital music, as well as give you pro tips on how to build a DJ’s digital library of the kind of tunes that’ll blow away any audience – whatever your preferred style
  • I’ll show you everything you need to know about using your new DJ controller, right from the very basics – you’ll be performing your first mix in minutes!
  • Scared of “beatmatching”? I have a proven method of teaching real beatmatching, and you’ll learn the secret! Once you know this one secret, you’ll be able to hold your head high in any DJ company, even with vinyl diehards
  • I’ll teach you the tricks that’ll have you doing in five minutes what DJs used to spend months or even years learning!
  • I’ll reveal authentic pro mixing techniques – the exact mixes I use in my own DJing every week, which you can then take and use in your own sets. This stuff can otherwise take many months to figure out
  • Want to wow your audience with some advanced DJ controller tricks? Of course you do! I’ll show you about loops, cues, effects and keylocking. You can easily use all of these things – and even better, I’ll show you when to use them to sound exactly like the pros
  • All of this will have you ready for your first DJ gig in no time. I’ll give you the essential knowledge about what’s in pro DJ booths and how to set up your digital gear there confidently and without mistakes
  • Finally, I’ll give you practical tips on how to come across like a real pro at your gigs. You’ll look, act and sound the real deal – and the truth is that with all you’ve learned from this comprehensive course under your belt, you will be! You’ll also be well on the way to the DJ lifestyle that you dream of.

A DJ says…

Christian“I have yet to get my first gig but with the ‘How To Digital DJ Fast’ online video school I feel more confident when I’m mixing and more open to mixing different genres together. Before seeing the videos practically everything I knew was self-taught; not only did these videos redefined what I knew, they made things clearer as well. I have signed up for other courses but this is hands-down the most useful guide for beginner digital DJs. I would absolutely recommend the course to beginner DJs, because it has everything you’d need and want to know. It teaches you from a practical mind-set which is very easy to understand and which you’ll easily relate to.” – Christian Cantelon (“DJ Crysix”), Toronto, Canada.

This course gives you the specific techniques today’s digital DJ needs, plus enough of the timeless essential DJ skills, skills that all good DJs know.

All of it is designed specifically to get you, the beginner digital DJ, playing in public – and fast. This stuff has never been presented in one place before, anywhere.

A sneak preview…

This is just seven minutes taken from one of the ten videos. Just think what over four hours of this tuition is going to do for your DJing!

A DJ says…

Samantha Blanchard“I haven’t seen anything like your DJ classes before, and I’m so glad to have been sent the link by a good friend of mine. I’ve learned so much! I’ve pored through the internet for beginners DJ training – but it’s like trying to find diamonds in the rough. This is everything a beginner digital DJ needs to know in one place. After watching the video about collecting music, I can’t wait to start organising my tunes better so that I can access them seamlessly when I need a particular sound. The course draws on what an aspiring DJ would have seen while out clubbing and contains tips that are easy to relate to what we’ve all seen the pros do. It makes it look easy and has given me the confidence to take it by the balls!” – Samantha Blanchard (“DJ Marbles”), London, UK.

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Full course contents

1: The Right Route To Take

How To Digital DJ Fast Online Video Course

Don't be daunted by controllers - we'll show you clearly what each part does and why they're all basically the same.

To digital DJ, you need to understand the various options available to you, and their relative merits and shortcomings, in order to make a confident choice as to which route to take from the off. You’ll learn:

  • The advantages of choosing a “controller plus laptop” system
  • Why you should avoid digital vinyl “scratch” set-ups
  • Why you probably shouldn’t be tempted into DJing with a no-laptop DJ controller

2: What Gear You Need

You can spend thousands and end up with a whole heap of stuff that will not help you at all to get DJing in public. Fact is, you need just a few basic items to DJ like a pro in public. We’ll show you exactly what, and how you can save a huge amount of money by knowing what to buy – and what not to buy.

  • Why you definitely won’t have to spend as much money as you think
  • The four pieces of gear you MUST have… and how to choose them
  • Why all DJ controllers are basically the same… and how this knowledge can save you money
  • Myths and mysteries about “sound cards” and “audio interfaces” debunked
  • Why the laptop you’ve already got is probably fine for digital DJing, and how to check
  • The two essential things to look for when choosing DJ headphones

3: Getting The Music

How To Digital DJ Fast DJ Controller Screenshot

With clear talkthroughs and video demonstrations , you'll be playing your first tunes in no time.

A DJ is only as good as his music. But where do you start? How do you sift through the thousands of tunes released each week? Where on earth do you turn for help in getting quickly to the good stuff? We’ll show you a system that works, concentrating on:

  • How to buy music in the post-record shop age
  • Places to get exclusive DJ tracks for free
  • How to use the pros to find great new records for you!
  • Knowing what tunes to spend your hard-earned cash on… and what to avoid
  • Keeping a grip on your digital music collection… and why you must organise it away from your DJ software
  • How to ensure the music you play sounds great… and why some digital DJs always sound so bad

4: Your DJ Controller

DJ controllers come in all shapes and sizes, but they always appear to be more complicated than they really are, as manufacturers pile in the features to try and differentiate their products from everyone else’s. We cut through the complications and show you what’s really important on a DJ controller.

  • What everything does on a typical DJ controller
  • Why no matter what controller you have, it still operates in practically the same way as all the others
  • How to put music on to the decks
  • Playing your first tune

A Pro DJ says…

Darude“I think Phil’s crash course in how to become a digital DJ is awesome for aspiring DJs who so far have done it in their bedrooms but who are dreaming of bigger crowds, and who are dreading all the seemingly complicated things that can come with that. The explanations are easily understandable and they clarify your options which should make it easier to decide on what to buy and how to go about getting forward in your career as a DJ – be it local, national or international. Looking back to when I started learning DJing, this kind of video series would’ve helped me tremendously.” – International DJ/producer Darude (“Sandstorm”).

5: Your First Mix

DJs do the same thing, over and over again. Once you know the basics, you can start mixing, and then it’s just a case of building on this starting block by adding the skills needed to cope with different tunes.

  • How to use the mixer and jogwheels – and the two distinct things a jogwheel does
  • Why the speed of the tunes is so important
  • A simple trick that’ll let you easily mix two copies of the same record together

6: Beatmatching I

How To Digital DJ Fast Beatmatching screengrab

Once you know the basics, we show you all the digital shortcuts. You'll be ready to impress your friends with your new-found skills in weeks.

We’ve carefully got you ready for this. This is the first of three videos that will teach you beatmatching like a pro! It lays an important foundation by teaching you the way DJs have always beatmatched on vinyl and CD systems, and how you can do exactly the same thing yourself on a digital DJ controller.

  • Why beatmatching manually is so important… and why failing to learn it properly (or even at all) means you’ll struggle to get better as digital DJs
  • How to cue and drop a record… and how to quickly have another go when you get it wrong!
  • Why the headphones are so important, and tips and tricks for using them effectively
  • What DJs do next once they have two records perfectly beatmatched

7: Beatmatching II

Digital has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to help you do in seconds what it used to take vinyl and CD DJs months to master. Now you understand the “old” way, we can show you these tricks, confident that you’ll know how to use them properly (most digital DJs don’t…)

  • Why sync is your best friend… yet why for many digital DJs, it is their worst enemy!
  • Using the tempo control properly
  • The different types of sync – and why it’s essential to understand what YOUR sync button is doing (Hint: Different controllers and software do this in different ways, which can radically affect the way you mix)

    A DJ says…

    Borja“This is a one-of-a-kind DJ course: I’ve never seen anything like it before, not in terms of content or quality. The videos are amazing: Comprehensible and clear. Most DJ tutorials are just a cam recording the screen or controller, and they barely explain anything right. Yet just 30 minutes of one of these videos covered everything I’ve been trying to learn for the last month and a half, better and clearer. To gain this amount of knowledge would have take me probably another three months of going through 100s of blog posts and YouTube videos. This is perfect for beginner DJs and I am recommending it to all my friends. There really is nothing on the market like it. – Borja De Las Llanderas (“DJ Larry”), Madrid, Spain.

8: Beatmatching III

Once you’ve understood “real” beatmatching and learned all the digital tricks, it’s time for the final piece of the puzzle: Using beats and bars (measures) to make your mixes sound infinitely more professional and just feel “right”. Eek! sounds hard, right? Wrong!

  • Why you don’t need any musical knowledge at all to master this essential skill
  • A simple counting method that means you’ll nearly always “know” the right point to mix one tune into the next
  • How to improve your mixing by tapping into what all clubbers, dancer and music lovers, you included, already instinctively know about beat and bars
  • Why music producers sometimes “break” the rules… and how to identify when they’ve done this to improve your mixes even further

9: Six Classic Mixes

How To Digital DJ Fast Advanced Techniques

With clear hands-on explanations, even the most complicated techniques are easy to understand and master. They'll help you DJ like a pro when you get in front of a crowd.

Once you’ve got the skills, we’ll school you in these time-proven ways of getting from one tune to the next. In combination with what you’ve learned in the beatmatching videos, you’ll now be able to mix from any tune into any other with complete confidence!

  • The one secret that means you’ll always be able to perform a competent mix even if you run out of time or the tunes just don’t “match”
  • How to mix seamlessly without really “mixing” at all
  • Two versions of a basic DJ mix that will work for you in the majority of your mixes
  • Using software features and “scratch” functions to perform vinyl-style mixes

10: Tips and Tricks

In this extended two-part final video, we look at some of the more advanced features of your DJ controller, and simple ways to put them to work to improve your digital DJing still further. Your final briefing (now you’re a gig-ready DJ!) is an invaluable “pep talk” about making a success of the first DJ gig you’ve worked so hard towards.

  • The one killer secret that CD DJ have been using for years… and how to replicate it on your controller
  • Why effects are best used sparingly… and the one killer effect you should master and use immediately
  • The truth about “keylocking”, and the best way to use it without making your mixes sound awful
  • A practical guide to setting up in a pro DJ booth, including a demonstration of the kind of gear you’re likely to find there and how to plug into it
  • Time-proven tips on how to conquer nerves and have a great time at your first gig to ensure it is a 100% total success.

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A DJ says…

Dj Puyan Moshehi“What makes the ‘How To Digital DJ Fast’ DJ course better than the rest is that it takes you through the steps of learning how to DJ digitally in a logical, chronological order, using examples to illustrate its clear and useful descriptions of each aspect. The example mixes at the end are especially useful, but generally having both video and audio to guide you is very helpful and makes me regret buying all those books on how to DJ, which is another point: This video course will save you valuable time. Imagine it as a private tutor; all the tutoring throughout the 10 videos would be worth a few hundred pounds! My recommendation is to skip the books, and to skip the very long DJ courses about how to spin vinyl and non-important stuff, because if you want to learn how to DJ digitally then what you need to know is all here.” – DJ Puyan Moshehi, London, UK.

Frequently asked questions…

How do I receive my DJ training? If the videos are online, are they mine to “keep” forever?

Yes. You get LIFETIME 100% ACCESS to all ten of these videos. We give you a unique, personal login that allows you to use them forever, from wherever you want to login – your work PC, home PC, laptop, iPad, smartphone… There’s nothing to download and nothing to lose. (If you ever misplace your login details, it’s easy to request them again.)

Some online DJ courses that I’ve seen on YouTube are hard to follow! Are these easy for a beginner to get the most from?

Of course. We’ve make everything as easy as possible to follow. These lessons are filmed in an informal, “chatty” tutorial style: Some videos include hands-on demos of real equipment, while the crucial beatmatching videos, for instance, have proper screen recordings, with picture-in-picture shots demonstrating the hands-on techniques and/or the controllers simultaneously. In a later video, we actually set up a typical “club” DJ booth and demonstrate where and how you’d plug in. We use several controllers, and show different software where applicable. The videos step way beyond typical free online demos.

I’ve seen several how to DJ courses online that claim to teach DJing fast – how is this one different?

Apart from being made by Digital DJ Tips, one of the biggest DJ websites in the world, this is the only course designed especially for digital DJs who want to go from complete beginner to playing a gig in front of an audience in as short a time as possible. Everything you need to know to achieve that one goal is included – and anything that’s not important isn’t.

Is it good value for money?

We invite you to look at DJ training schools online – not the “get rich quick”-style PDF e-books from DJs and websites you’ve never heard of, but the excellent, reputable courses from good DJ schools worldwide. We also invite you to look at the cost of such courses. Come back when you’ve recovered from the shock!

We realised there was a need for simple, no-nonsense, value-for-money DJ training of the type we’ve created here. These four hours of high-quality, focused, one-on-one training do just one thing – get you from complete beginner to playing in front of an audience with a digital DJ controller in mere weeks. Ask yourself: What would I pay to have a pro DJ show me all of this? To show me the exact techniques he uses every week in his own DJ sets? To advise me on gear, music, mixing and even how to behave at my first gig?

Now ask yourself: What is it worth to me to avoid weeks and months of wondering what I should be practising, of trying to work out why I’m not getting any better, of wondering why my mixes don’t sound like those of the pros? How long do I want to carry on dreaming of playing live but not have the first idea how to get confident enough to make it happen? What is it worth to me to finally do this?

Do you always have a sneaking feeling that if only you had the next-big-thing controller or an effects unit or a new gadget or a better laptop or different software, suddenly it would all “click”? Maybe you’ve already spent lots of money on gear for this very reason! What price would you put on breaking that cycle and finally feeling confident to DJ properly on the gear you have? On earning money instead of spending it?

How much is it worth to you to stop having to scour the web for quality tuition in all the areas listed in our course contents above, all the time seeing conflicting advice and different opinions on everything from what controller to buy to how to mix to what to have in your DJ set to please a dancefloor? Can you put a value on those weeks and months of piecing together tidbits of advice from scores of untrusted sources?

A DJ says…

David Dahl“The ‘How To Digital DJ Fast’ series starts from the very beginning, giving tips on how not to blow a bunch of money on gear which is not needed. The skill set I left the series with really was leaps and bounds ahead of what would have came through trial and error. It really makes sure you have the proper foundation to ensure you can DJ at a higher level later on. It will save you money in gear selection, time and frustration! You can spend a whole lot less time looking for this information and a bunch more working on your mixes. I’ve been able to start mixing right after following the course and also I have gained the confidence to land my first gig playing at the student lounge this upcoming school year!” – David Dahl (“DJ DahlaBillz”), Edmonton, Canada.

If you get just one paying DJ booking after following this course, it will pay for the course and then some. How much is it worth to you to start getting paid for your DJing in four weeks’-time rather than in months, or next year, or never? Just four weeks from now, you could finally be DJ properly, in public, earning money, getting the success and adulation you are dreaming of, and having the fun you know you can have from DJing. Please ask yourself now: What is that worth to me?

We’re sure you’re going to agree that How To Digital DJ Fast is priced at such a level that EVERY new DJ who is serious about playing in public, quickly, really can’t afford not to invest in it. We are passionate about digital DJing, and we want you to succeed. Please trust us that we want you to have this tuition, and that we’ve priced it accordingly.

Is this really the best way to learn to DJ properly? Aren’t you just going to show me tricks that mean in the real world I’ll be “found out” by real DJs?

There’s nothing worse than an awful digital DJ in the corner of some bar, trainwrecking bad-sounding, ill-chosen tunes all night! The whole point of this tuition is to make sure you never, ever get thought of as one of those.

The course teaches you properly how to DJ, in a way that vinyl and CD DJs would respect and approve of. It will lift you head and shoulders above the thousands of second-rate digital DJs who aren’t serious enough about their DJing to make the decision to learn properly. What’s more, it’ll show you the skills you need to easily transfer to using CDJs or vinyl in the future should you wish.

There are so many styles of DJing, so many types of music and shows. How do I know the course is going to suit me?

If you play music people dance to, this course will suit you. The techniques apply to house, electro and pop, but also to all other forms of electronic dance music (ie trance, techno, dubstep, drum & bass etc), to hip-hop, indie, rock, even wedding-style mobile DJing.

Of course certain skills, such as beatmatching, are more appropriate for certain types of gigs and music, but the vast majority of what’s taught here is applicable to any DJ who gets up and plays music in public. Fact is that if you play music in front of other people, you’ll get a huge amount from this course, whatever your style.

Which hardware and software do you concentrate on? What if I’m using something else?

We concentrate on standard DJ controllers and on modern DJ software – if you have ANY controller or ANY modern software, you’ll get 100% from this course. We explain why they’re all essentially the same anyway, and so we guarantee that whatever controller/software combination you’re using, the course is specially designed for you.

Who isn’t this course suited to?

It’s not suited to non-digital DJs or DJs who want to use “digital vinyl systems” (ie an old-fashioned DJ set-up of decks/CD players and mixer plus expensive extra hardware and fiddly “control vinyl”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is definitely not you – trust me!).

If you’re a confirmed dreamer, happy to mess around in your bedroom with no real intention of ever playing in front of your friends or the public, then you probably don’t have the dedication necessary to get the best from this course. (But in my experience, people who say they’re happy as “bedroom DJs” are just scared to take the next step. If that’s you, this course is definitely going to help you!)

On the other hand, if you’re currently DJing successfully in public using digital gear, you’ve probably already spent far too long working out the hard way what’s in these videos. Good for you! (I bet you wish something like this was around when you were learning…)

Otherwise, rest assured that if you’re a beginner digital DJ hungry for the fast-track to success, How To Digital DJ Fast is perfect for you. Perfect, that is, unless you’d rather read dense, long-winded books instead of being actually shown the real-world skills.

A DJ says…

Jake Wilson“It’s hard to learn skills such as beat matching if you have never seen then done before; with these videos, you get three different lessons on how to beat match in different ways! I have read “DJing For Dummies” and various blogs and such, but reading is just that – reading. These videos show you how to DJ in a simple and easy to comprehend manner, no matter your level of experience (none, some, self-taught). You learn every aspect of the job, from where to get music, to what to play, to how to play it, and finally how it all works together. They saved me the time and effort of seeking out a private instructor. At the end, you have learned what you need to know, and then some. Having gained the general skills that any digital DJ needs, I put myself out on the market, and now I DJ for local high school sports teams pre-game warm ups. It’s not a big job, but I can handle it and it’s all due to the watching the video series. It worked for me, so I know that it can work for anyone.” – Jake Wilson (“DJ Wired”), West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.

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Here’s a reminder of just some of what the course gives you:

Female DJ In Famous Club

Play your favourite records in front of an ecstatic crowd, achieve success, prove yourself to your friends... whatever you want from your DJing, now you can make it happen.

  • All the knowledge the complete beginner needs to get paid for DJing – fast
  • How to collect and manage a killer DJ music collection
  • A pro’s advice on what gear is essential… and where you can save money
  • Fast-track tuition in all the essential skills and techniques, right from the very first step (including “proper” beatmatching)
  • Valuable demos of real-world DJ mixes, plus advanced techniques, all of which you can use immediately to improve your DJing
  • The know-how to set up and play your first gig in a “pro” DJ booth or venue, with complete confidence

All this is yours for life for $147. That’s all ten videos – over four hours of quality, professional, one-on-one video tuition – for just $147.

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Your 100% no-risk guarantee

We’re sure you’ll be 100% satisfied with our How To Digital DJ Fast online video course. But if you aren’t, we offer a 100% no-quibble, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If it’s not for you, just tell us within 12 months and we’ll refund your money promptly. That’s our promise to you.

We are only interested in happy customers, so if you’re not happy, just tell us and your money will be returned to you, with absolutely no ill feeling. In truth, we’ll just be glad you had the confidence in us to give it a go.

A DJ says…

Brandon Ball“As a recent convert to digital, I feel much better equipped to play my first gig in a club with a controller after having followed ‘How To Digital DJ Fast’. The videos lay out in clear detail what gear is best, how to select and organize your music, how to play your first tune and how to manually beatmatch like your favorite DJs. They explain how to use tempo control properly, what the sync button really does and how to make all your mixes sound just right. This course saved me from spending hours searching for and watching poorly labelled YouTube videos, which, for a beginning DJ like me, is a lifesaver. I especially liked the breakdown of which gear is necessary, and which is not-so-necessary because it saved me a lot of time and money better spent on other things such as the music itself. I spent a good while trying to decide between CDJs, vinyl and a controller and these videos made me feel much more comfortable with digital DJing as a whole. It’s an awesome product, and I love how personal it feels compared to other tutorials. You can tell that a lot of care and thought goes into these. For a beginner DJ, it’s literally the holy grail of how-to’s.” – Brandon Ball, Cool Cats, Washington, DC, USA.


Remember, there is absolutely nothing else like this on the market today. If you’re serious about learning to digital DJ fast so you can break out of the bedroom, play public gigs and start making money and achieving success as a DJ, you need this training.

Click here now to buy the course for only $147 and gain instant, lifetime access to all ten of these videos – that’s over four hours of professional, one-to-one training. And if you’re not completely satisfied? Let us know within 12 months and we’ll refund your money in full, absolutely no questions asked. :-)